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Miles and Rakesh are going to an event to see author and renowned atheist, Daryl Watkins, speak live.

Miles is stoked because Watkins has been his idol for the longest time and even laid the foundation for his atheist beliefs.

He's also eager to see what Watkins thinks of the podcast because he wants to book him as a guest.

But their meeting doesn't go as planned.

Watkins tells Miles his podcast is a joke, which is hurtful to Miles.

Rakesh suggests they skip the rest of the seminar, but, of course, Watkins becomes Miles' friend suggestion.

They stick around and try to find a way to help him, but Watkins isn't interested.

Miles realizes Watkins argued with Pheobe, his publisher, so he visits her and tries to find out what happened.

She tells him that Watkins fired her and has been losing himself. 

Miles finds Watkins and learns he has writer's block because he believes he's a fraud.

He can't understand why until he finds Reverend Valerie Lopez, the last person Watkins debated before hitting a slump.

She refuses to talk about him at first but eventually realizes they had a relationship before Watkins ghosted her.

When Miles confronts Watkins about it, he's initially angry at Miles for prying. Eventually, he explains that he broke up with Lopez because he started believing in God and that made him question who he was, what he believed in, and his authenticity.

Miles speaks with Arthur who informs him that maybe he needs to help Watkins realize that he can be with the woman he loves and find himself.

Watkins agrees, and when they arrive at the church, they find out Lopez left on a two-year mission to South America.

Watkins is upset but he's grateful that Miles stuck around to help him. He hops onto his podcast and suggests that maybe the person behind the God account is God.

However, Rakesh and Cara find Zach Waller learned hat it may be connected to a government experiment.

When they track down Corey Smith, Alphonse's son, they find Marsha, the mother, and Cara asks her some questions.

She realizes Marsha isn't being honest, and they learn Corey wasn't just discharged, he was moved to a covert area.

When Cara lays the trap, she realizes Martha visited the National Sewing Company, which she believes is a dead end.

Zach knows it isn't as he informs them that the sewing company is a front for DARPA, an agency developing emerging technology.

Ali tries to live a normal life following the start of her chemo. Despite warnings from Arthur, she doesn't take it easy and plans a cute date night with Emily.

Unfortunately, she faints during dinner and is rushed to the emergency room where they diagnosed her with exhaustion.

She doesn't even want to face Emily and asks Miles to tell her she'll call her later. Emily realizes that Ali won't call her and is hurt.

God Friended Me
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God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Ali: I am not going to let cancer dictate my life or slow me down.
Arthur: Just know, it is going to get harder. And when that happens, promise that you will be careful and not overdo it.

Miles: Look, maybe I do sound a little ridiculous.
Daryl: Mhhm.
Miles: But after helping every single person that the God Account has sent me. Seeing people’s lives changed for the better, I’ve stopped worrying about how it sounds and started focusing on helping them. Even when they’re someone I’ve admired for most of my life that a part of me wishes I’d never met.