Helping a Social Worker - God Friended Me
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Miles is surprised to learn that his father has accepted a position as the Bishop of New York. 

He's even more concerned when his father tells him that if it hadn't been for the God Account, Bishop Thompson would have never resigned. 

Miles questions if the God Account wanted his father to become Bishop. Cara tells him that he shouldn't worry about it for now. 

They head over to Ray's barbecue. 

At the barbecue, Miles meets a woman named Elena who has a huge bruise on her hand. 

Miles asks Ray about her. The former friend suggestion informs him that Elena is a social worker and his late wife's close friend. 

Shortly after, Miles gets Elena's name sent to him by the God Account. 

They visit Elena at a kickboxing gym where she informs them that she's not being abused. Instead, she's training for an MMA competition and her boyfriend Austin is also her coach. 

Cara offers to write a profile on her to get more information. 

Meanwhile, Ray and Miles walk Gabe, Elena's son home, to ask about his recent detentions. 

Gabe tells them that he's been skipping class to avoid a bully but doesn't want to say anything more. 

Cara asks Elena why she took up MMA and she confesses that it's because she was brutally attacked two-years ago. 

She sticks around to watch Elena spar but grows concerned after she loses.

Austin tells her that she cannot fight like this during the actual match. 

Rakesh tracks down an email Elena got right before stepping into the ring and realizes the man who attacked her, Leo James, is getting out of jail today. 

They confront Elena about Leo James and Gabe's worries but she dismisses them and tells them that she's going to fight regardless. 

She doesn't believe she's distracted enough to skip a fight. 

Cara still feels uneasy about the whole situation and upon a further examination, she and Ray realize that Elena checked into the hospital after a fight two-weeks-ago but told Austin she didn't. 

And it's because she had a retinal detachment. 

She's not losing fights because she's distracted, she's losing them because she cannot see. 

When they confront her about it again she denies it. Eventually, Gabe urges her to confess and Austin pulls her from the fight. 

Miles and Cara suggest the way to overcome her fear of being attacked is to have a one-on-one sit down with Leo James. It's called restorative justice. 

Elena is hesitant but agrees. 

That is until Leo James decides that he doesn't want to chat with her. 

Miles and Cara realize Elena looked up Leo's address and believe she's going to the halfway house to give him a piece of his own medicine. 

When they find Elena sitting in a nearby park they realize it's Gabe who is going to confront Leo.

They stop him in the knick of time.

Gabe tells Elena he has to convince Leo to talk to her because he wants his mom to be present again.

She apologizes for being so distant and they get pizza. 

Meanwhile, Arthur keeps stalling his talk about his new job with Trish. 

The whole family heads out to the Botanical Gardens where their dream wedding venue opened up.

When the wedding planner tells them that the only date available is two-weeks from now, Arthur confesses that he cannot do it because he's getting sworn in. 

Trish is blindsided since Arthur made a decision without even talking to her and calls the wedding off. 

Arthur begs Trish to talk to him and she tells him that she needs to go away to clear her head. 

Sometimes love isn't enough. 

Arthur is left heartbroken but it doesn't affect his decision to take on a massive responsibility. 

He settles into his new office just the same. 

Cara realizes she won't beat Adam on the leaderboard and considers his offer to work on a story together. 

Rakesh gets help from former friend suggestions Sarah and tracks down Audrey Grenelle, the painter behind "The Path." 

They arrive at her house and Miles asks her about the hidden message in the painting.

"How do you know about that," she asks him to which he gleefully responds, "because it was meant for me."

God Friended Me
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God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Ray: I dealt with abuse cases when I was a cop, so I had a friend do me a favor and send me Elena's medical records.
Rakesh: That is extremely illegal... which makes it that much more impressive!

Miles: So, that's why you called me down here.
Arthur: Hmm?
Miles: So I would tell you that it's okay. And give you my approval.
Arthur: Well, I thought of all people, you'd understand.
Miles: Understand what?
Arthur: Understand why I have to do this. I saw how lost you were without the God Account. After I left the church, I felt the same. I mean, whether we like it or not, we have a larger calling.
Miles: But dad, if I had to pick between Cara and the God Account, I would choose her.