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Miles is back to being the God Account's person when it comes to friend suggestions. 

His latest is a woman named Claire Thompson, who they find out is Bishop Thompson's daughter. 

They attend Bishop Thompson's church event in hopes of getting to know more about her. 

Arthur, who is keeping his trial run for the position of Chief of Staff for Bishop, informs them that Claire is a recovering addict and that whatever trouble she's in likely isn't good. 

Claire seems nice, but she leaves the party in a hurry and lies to her father about where she's going. 

Rakesh, who is having a romantic dinner at the hospital with Jaya, spots Claire sneaking into a closet that has been locked because someone is stealing medication. 

He immediately notifies Miles and Cara who assume Claire is stealing them for herself after a relapse. 

They realize Claire has a friend in common, one of their former friend suggestions Rachel Blake.

Rachel is thrilled to see Miles and help out with the God Account. She and Claire attended the same meetings. 

She recalls dropping Claire off at a rather shady apartment building in the city after one of the meetings. 

She takes them to that apartment where they find Claire running an illegal private clinic for those who cannot afford healthcare. 

"You can get arrested," Miles tells her, but Claire doesn't want to hear any of it. 

She tells him she tried applying for grants but it wasn't successful. 

Miles turns to Arthur who convinces him to talk to the Bishop. 

The Bishop, however, gets Claire fired from her job, which puts her clinic in danger since she cannot continue supplying the meds. 

A confrontation between the father and daughter breaks out with Claire telling her father he'll never understand her side. 

Except that Bishop Thompson does better than anyone as he's a recovering addict himself. 

He informs Miles that he's kept it a secret from Claire because it ruined his marriage and he didn't want her to blame him for it. 

When he finally opens up to Claire, their relationship strengthens. 

They attend meetings together after he steps down as Bishop of New York. 

In his place, he recommends Arthur for the job. Will he take it?

Rakesh and Jaya have dinner with her family and find out that her parents want them to take the next step in their relationship. 

Neither of them is ready to get married, so they devise a plan and tell her parents that Rakesh lost his job. 

Surprisingly, her parents aren't phased and believe they should get married anyway. 

Jaya decides to stand up to her parents, but they tell her that if she's not getting married that means her relationship with Rakesh isn't "serious."

Jaya tells Rakesh that they'll "fake break up" until they're ready for the next step. 

Meanwhile, Cara gets her job at Catapult back, but this time, everything is different. 

A new employee named Adam Grey is winning the company over and despite trying to compete with him with her God Account stories, she doesn't stand a chance. 

Grey proposes that they team up for an interesting story, and Cara agrees. 

God Friended Me
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God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Miles: Want to talk about complicated? I'm an atheist.
Claire Thompson: Okay, wow, I admit, that's missing the bar pretty spectacularly.

I didn't relapse. I've been stealing medication so I can save lives.

Claire Thompson