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Rakesh helps Miles and Cara figure out that the house that started it all and was now teased in "The Path" painting belongs to Gideon and Erica Moore. 

The two of them set out to find out why the God Account led them there and are prepared for Gideon to be skeptical. 

But when they tell him the purpose for their visit, they're shocked by his response: I believe you. 

Gideon was once friended by the God Account, too, and walked away from his responsibilities when he fell in love. 

Gideon tells Miles that he believes God is behind the account and informs him that Miles' purpose is to become a Prophet, which Miles laughs off. 

Gideon reveals that the God Account informed him that he'd have to give up love and walk the path alone, a sacrifice he wasn't willing to make. 

When he quit working for the God Account, he left without helping his remaining friend suggestion -- Audrey Grenelle.

Turns out, Gideon was supposed to convince Audrey to come home from Paris and be by her father's side when he died. 

Since Gideon never helped, Audrey never made amends with her father and thus, felt resentment. 

She also blamed her former professor, Madeline, because she fell in love with Audrey's father, broke up her family, and was there when she wasn't.

Audrey refuses to see Madeline and doesn't believe speaking to her will make things better, but Miles asks her to trust him. 

The meeting between ladies is hostile at first. When Audrey notices a painting that resembles the one her father used to paint for her, she questions how Madeline got it and that's when a little boy comes out from around the corner. 

Augie is Audrey's step-brother and has inherited their father's painitnig abilities. 

The moment clears up all of Audrey's concerns. She gives both Madeline and Augie a chance and thanks Miles and Gideon for their help. 

Gideon, feeling like he completed his task, goes back to his family, but tells Miles that he now knows walking away was a good choice because Miles was destined to be the prophet. 

"The world needs you," he tells him. 

But Miles isn't convinced since he's always worked as part of a team. 

Miles meets with Trish to convince her to give Arthur a chance. He wants to make his new job with the church and his marriage work, but Trish is hesitant. 

As Arthur gets sworn in, she takes Miles' advice and comes to support. 

Rakesh plans a wonderful birthday for Jaya and is disappointed when she tells him she has to go to her family's surprise party. 

Rakesh tells her that he wants to be there too, but she tells him it's too risky. 

After talking to Ali, Rakesh crashes the party and proposes to Jaya. 

When she turns him down, he storms out of the party embarrassed. 

Jaya confronts him saying she's not ready to get married. At that moment, she realizes how selfish she's been and breaks up Rakesh. 


God Friended Me
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God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Trish: And the other part feels like when he agreed to become Bishop, he made his choice. He chose the church over us, over the plans we had for our life.
Miles: I understand that. But how can you walk away before you really now? If dad believes he can find that balance, doesn't he deserve the chance to prove that to you? Prove it to himself?

Cara: This is the part where you go inside and slam the door in our face.
Gideon: No. I know you're telling the truth.
Miles: How?
Gideon: Because seven years ago I was friended by the God Account.