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The FBI finds the car that the ladies ditched after their trip to Canada.

Ruby thinks the ladies should quit the money laundering business and meet with Rio to say they want out. However, at the meeting Beth asks for more money to launder.

The ladies bring in help to clean the money faster, using the cover of a secret shopper ring.

Agent Turner visits Dean and tells him that Beth was the one who stole the car from his dealership and dumped it in the lake. Dean covers for his wife, but confronts her about it. He assumes that she was taken advantage of by Rio and she agrees with him.

After Annie's co-worker loses $20,000 worth of merchandise, the ladies have to steal the merchandise back so they aren't short on their next payment.

Ruby's old boss stops by the house, alerting Stan to the fact that Ruby has been lying about still working at the diner. She later comes clean to Stan by showing him her cut of money and using the secret shopper scam as a cover.

Boomer buys a large amount of drugs and plants them in Annie's locker at work.

Annie comes clean to Boomer's grandmother about stealing from her.

Beth tells Dean that she willingly agreed to the trip to Canada.   

Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Beth- Go big or go home, right?

Annie- Dude, we've been laundering fake money for a street gang.
Ruby- So?
Annie- So, it's not a college internship. We can't be like 'Thanks, bye. I learned so much'. There is no getting out.