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The ladies continue to discuss telling Rio about his associate, Eddie, that flipped on him to the FBI.

When Rio asks them to pick up some trucks for him, the ladies agree but then chicken out. Ruby decides to get stoned with Stan and inquire if the cops know anything about the trucks.

With assurance that the police most likely don't know anything about the trucks, the ladies go through with the plan and each drive off in a truck. Beth is pulled over shortly after leaving the garage.

After seeing Mary Pat at the grocery and seeing Annie pay for all her groceries, Boomer goes to Teddy to get more information on her. Later, he attends her church and the two spark up a conversation, that leads Boomer back to Mary Pat's house where he sets up a recording device in her living room.

Beth learns she was pulled over due to the truck not having a license plate. She talks her way out of getting in trouble and goes to Rio who informs her it was a test to see if she would talk to the cops. Beth is extremely angry and Rio tells her that their partnership is over.

The ladies become convinced that Rio will want them dead, so the ladies decide that it may be best to flip on Rio.

Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Ruby- Let me just say. It's one thing to wash fake cash or rob a grocery store. But there is a line here. And if you cross it, you can't come back.
Beth- Then we don't come back.

Annie- You can't like finance it or something?
Beth- It's a kidney, not a refrigerator.