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Beth sits down with Turner and Noah to detail how she killed Boomer. 

Flashing back 48 hours, the ladies meet with Boomer, who refuses to go to the police unless the ladies pay him to help pay for a new face. 

Beth goes to Rio's apartment, but finds it empty. 

Noah tells Annie that there is a warrant for Beth, and she has 48 hours before they come to her.

Beth devises a plan to have the ladies rob a bank, while she stays back at a local bar saving their spots as a cover. On the day of the robbery, Beth remembers that she has the keys to the storage unit she took from Rio's previously and she unearths a ton of cash. She then calls off the bank robbery. 

Boomer still refuses to turn to go to the cops unless he gets the cash first, which prompts Beth to go to the police herself. 

After confessing, Beth goes to the station where Boomer is waiting to talk to the police. 

Later that night, Rio kidnaps Beth and takes her to his abandoned apartment where he has Turner tied up. He gives Beth a gun to shoot him, but she shoots Rio instead. After leaving, Turner calls 9-1-1 to give Rio a chance at survival and tells him that he will now owe him a favor. 

Beth begins to make her own counterfeit money, and brings this opportunity to the ladies. 

Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Beth: Why should it be you or Annie? I made you do it. Can I have my drink back?
Ruby: Made us? Which part?
Beth: The store, the money, Jeff, all of it. Take your pick.
Ruby: We could have said no.
Beth: But you never say no.
Ruby: I am not your yes-man.
Beth: No. You're a really good friend.

Boomer: I can't go in there.
Marion: I can't keep making up stories, Leslie.
Boomer: I'm not a kid anymore, Nana.
Marion: Then go be a big boy.