Annoyed Beth - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 2
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The ladies meet at the donut shop and Beth shows them that Rio gave them a gun to get rid of Boomer. 

Ruby and Stan meet with a reverend to discuss the state of their marriage. 

Rio goes to Beth while she is at her sons school and tells her that she has to get rid of Boomer that evening. 

The ladies lure Boomer to a secluded place to shoot him, but Beth can't pull the trigger. She tells Boomer that he has to leave town and he agrees if the ladies pay him $20K. 

Beth sells her refridgerator and Ruby takes out a loan, without telling Stan, to get money to pay Boomer. 

While at Nancy's gender reveal, Annie steals the keys to a Tesla and gives it to Beth and Ruby so they can sell it for parts. Dean tells them that they won't be able to sell the Tesla for parts, so they go to a restaurant and get the valet to give them a Honda they can sell. 

The ladies give Boomer $10K, promising him the other half once he's gone and he agrees. But after visiting his grandmother, he decides to stay in town. He then gets himself assualted so he can get protection from the police. 

Rio and Beth meet and she lies to him about killing Boomer. 

Nancy goes to Annie and tells her that Gregg admitted he was seeing someone else. And while they are at Annie's apartment, Gregg shows up. 

Beth tells Rio that she no longer wants to lie and Rio pulls out a gun but tells her that he is going to teach her how to kill. 

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Good Girls Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Beth: You know what this is? A gang initiation.
Ruby: Son of a bitch.
Annie: Blood in, blood out.
Ruby: Son of a bitch.
Annie: It's a thing. Trust me.

Beth: Am I the only one who doesn't want to do this?
Ruby: No.
Annie: He's a racist.
Beth: He's a person.
Annie: Who rapes.
Ruby: Oh God. I can't have this conversation, I'm going to be sick.