Park Meeting - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 6
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Dean takes care of the kids in the morning, while Beth goes to the dealership. Rio is waiting for her at the dealership and he tells her that he has some cars coming in and she needs to deliver one for him. 

Beth looks through the cars but doesn't find anything suspicious. The ladies drop the car off for Rio and see him meet up with a woman who takes the car. 

Turner confronts Stan at work while playing a friendly game of basketball. He invites himself over for dinner, but Ruby makes Stan bring him food instead. 

After Dean sparks a thought in Beth, she realizes that Rio is hiding something in the airbags of the newly acquired cars. She discovers a mountain of pills, which the ladies bring to the teenage drug dealer that works with Annie at the Fine and Frugal. 

They discover the pills are mostly normal, health related medications and they begin sorting them out, preparing to make Rio cut them in on the action. 

Once Rio discovers the pills are missing, he goes to Beth, but she reminds him that he needs her as a cover for the FEDS. 

Turner shows up at Ruby's for dinner and he tells her that he knows Stan was the one who stole the pen cap. Later, Ruby goes to Turner and tells him that she will tell him whatever he wants to know. 

Annie forces Sadie to come home from Nancy's. 

Beth and Rio come to deal and will split the profits of the pill money 50/50. 

Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Stan: It's not a good look.
Ruby: You know what's not a good look? You at the dinner table doing the shaky leg.
Stan: What are you talking about?
Ruby: You got no poker face, babe. And I love you for it, but it's going to bring the both of us down. Hard.

Beth: What's in the cars?
Rio: What's in the box! What's in the box! Just bring them, alright? It won't be good for nobody if you don't.