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Beth is waiting in the alley to shoot Boomer outside the Fine & Frugal. Annie and Ruby are waiting in a car nearby and when they see that the person coming outside is Tyler, Annie beeps the horn to warn her not to shoot. 

Rio and Beth meet and he tells her that Boomer is in protective custody and she needs to figure out how to root him out. 

Annie goes to Boomer's grandmother for information on Boomer's whereabouts and she leads them to Mary Pat. She calls Boomer and he tells her where he is staying and the ladies go there to shoot him. 

When the ladies arrive, Boomer isn't there and it's revealed that he has gone to see Mary Pat. She tries to get him to leave but he refuses and it is insinuated that he rapes her. The next morning she attempts to leave with the boys and Boomer tries to stop her by running behind her vehicle, but she runs him over and kills him. 

Mary Pat calls the ladies and tells them that she chopped up the body and put it in a meat freezer. 

That evening the ladies dispose of the body in a dumpster in a random alley, but before leaving they realize his phone is wrapped up with him. They extract the phone and then throw it into a lake. 

Mary Pat goes to Agent Turner and tells him that she's afraid something has happened to Boomer. 

Rio sends Beth a key to a storage unit. 

Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Rio: Be a boss bitch.
Beth: How?
Rio: I don't know. Root him out. You on Facebook?

Playground don't get easier, right? Mine as well learn now.

Rio [to Beth]