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While at work, Beth meets with a series of Rio’s men who are there to pick up cash. One of Rio’s men takes an interest in the printing press, prompting Beth to hide the plates amongst the three ladies as an insurance policy.

Ruby is woken up by Stan and Sara laughing gleefully. Sensing that Sara is getting away with the stealing of the pen, Ruby tells Stan what Sara did, and he tells her that Sara already came clean.

Annie sleeps with Chris/Kevin at the store, and later finds out that he’s living out of his car. He then parks himself out in front of Annie’s apartment, and Ben gets very upset about it.

While dealing with the kids dead goldfish, Dean finds the hidden plate and destroys it, as he doesn’t want Rio back in Beth’s life.

The ladies ask Lucy to make another plate, but she declines having found out what they did with the previous one. Later, Annie steals Lucy’s bird in an attempt to blackmail her into helping them.

When the ladies get to the shop, they see Rio and his men have forced Lucy to get make the new plate. Beth warns her not to, but she doesn’t trust Beth and tells her that Rio promised to take her home afterward.

After the plate is finished, Rio gets ready to take them, and Beth tells him that he needs more than just the plate to make the money correctly. Rio doesn’t agree and has his top man shoot Lucy dead.

The ladies return home in a daze, and Ruby implores Stan to not give up on her.

While Beth is at work the next day, Lucy’s boyfriend comes looking for.

Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Ruby: So, you just found God?
Sara: What?
Ruby: Game recognize game, peanut. I'm just saying.

Beth: Anyone can run at printer, right? But you need these plates to make our money. So, if one of us disappear...?
Ruby: Why would we disappear?
Beth: When he's done with us.