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The ladies look through Lucy’s purse after Beth brings it home from the shop.

Max goes to the police and Beth’s job about Lucy’s disappearance, which prompts the owner to shut down any late-night working. Later, Beth explains this to Rio, and he asks for more information about Max.

Annie goes to two different therapists to help deal with Lucy’s death, but neither of them works out. She eventually finds her way back to Dr. Cohen, who reluctantly takes her back as a client.

The ladies try to get into Lucy’s phone in an attempt to break up with Max, but they’re locked out. Realizing the can get in with facial recognition, they reach out to Mick. He agrees to take them to Lucy’s body in exchange for a hot tub.

After digging up Lucy’s body and opening the phone, Beth sends Max a breakup message, and he tracks the phone to her house.

With Stan’s suspension from the force up for review, he and Ruby meet with the department. Ruby gives him a glowing review, but Stan declines returning to the force because he feels like a fraud.

When Max arrives at the Boland’s, Beth tells him that she’d just driven Lucy to the airport. He then tracks her phone to Arizona.

Dean takes Dorito to the vet and runs into Max whose there to donate bird food. Max recognizes the bird and hums a tune in the elevator that Dorito recognizes.

Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Ruby: What are we gonna do?
Beth: Print.

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Beth: We're just torturing ourselves.
Ruby: Why did you take all this?
Beth: I couldn't leave it there.
Ruby: Why not?
Beth: Her phone was ringing. Someone would know something horrible happened.
Ruby: Something horrible did happen.
Beth: And we just stood there and watched.