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Boomer meets with Tyler before going to prison, and he gets several facial and body tattoos.

Dr. Cohen helps Annie study for her GED test over pizza. And she tells him she wants to know more about him, but he doesn’t share.

Beth makes a to-do list for her and the ladies, with the idea to gain Rio’s trust back, get a cut of the money back, and then hire someone to kill Rio.

Beth meets up with Rio and asks him how she can earn his trust back, and he gives her an assignment.

The ladies travel to a remote area and are surprised to see Boomer meet them there, as he has escaped from prison. He was told by Rio’s inside man that he should start a prison fire, allowing him and others to escape, then his debt would be forgiven, and he would be able to escape to Canada.

The women are tasked with bring Boomer to Rio, but they lie and say they are going to Canada. Boomer talks them into a stop at his grandmother’s nursing home to say goodbye, but when they arrive, they find out she has passed.

Boomer wants to fulfill her last wish by spreading her ashes by a waterfall, but Beth threatens him with throwing the ashes in a dumpster if he doesn’t go with them to Rio.

The ladies bring Boomer to Rio, and he cuts them back in with 12% off the top of the money.

Stan buys Ruby a new ring for their anniversary, but she refuses to wear it because she knows how he obtained the money to purchase it and doesn’t agree.

Ben meets with Dr. Cohen and asks him what’s going on with him and Annie.

While the ladies are back making money and now turning a profit, the cops have one of their counterfeit bills in their possession.

Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Ruby: Do we look any different?
Stan: Better.
Ruby: Older.
Stan: Sexier.

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Annie: Okay, doc. You know, you can talk about transference all you want, but uh, you just pizza transferred your tongue into my mouth. Hard. And I don't think it was just about the pineapple.
Dr. Cohen: I think we're done for tonight.