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Rio meets with the police about Lucy’s death and has an alibi for the night she was murdered.

Dean learns a big hot tub brand is interested in Boland Bubbles and takes a meeting. The man from the company is actually an FBI agent who asks to look at their books.

Beth stalls and reaches out to JT, who tells them how to make their books look cleaner.

Carl and Jenny come to the Hill’s and tell them they were evicted and moving to Detroit. Ruby and Stan believe they are looking to get money from them, but they say they want to pay them back for their gifted vehicle.

Later, they found out Carl and Jenny’s daughter wasn’t the person Sara got her kidney from, but they chose not to tell them.

Annie attends Ben’s school gala and purchases some items in an attempt to fit in with the other parents.

Beth has dinner with the hitman, hoping he will speed up to timetable to kill Rio.

Dean gives the books to the FBI agent, Dave, and before the ladies can get them back, Dean is arrested.

Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Beth: Maybe it's just dinner.
Annie: Sure.
Ruby: If they're serving vagina.

Ruby: Now, that's what you call a statement piece.
Annie: And I think we all know what it says.
Beth: What does it say?
Ruby: He wants more than dinner.
Beth: Ew.
Annie: It's the thought that counts.
Beth: Ew.