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Dave meets with the ladies and tells them about Beth’s tryst with Rio. He then informs them that Beth will have to sit on the bench now, and another lady will have to step up.

Stan and Ruby decide to stay at a fancy house near Harry’s school to try and pass it off as their own in an attempt to sell off the fake handbags.

Gregg meets with Annie and tells her that he wants to pull Ben out of his private school.

Beth meets with Rio, and he tells her he needs her to find one of her Mom friends to hold something for him in a safety deposit box. The ladies then train Phoebe to be this mom, and they meet with Rio at the diner to go over the details.

Rio asks to talk at Phoebe’s house, and Dave is able to secure a home at the last minute as not to blow their cover.

Stan sells some bags but not enough to pay back Gene. She then asks the ladies for help.

Annie finds out that Gregg and Nancy are having money problems, and that’s the real reason she wants him out of the private school.

Rio tells Beth that he knows about the wire and gives her a choice to make. They then give Phoebe the bag to hold, but it’s just costume jewelry when she and Dave open it.

Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Rio: So, dinner was fun. Yeah?
Beth: Parts of it.

Stan: Beth can't be apart of this.
Ruby: Okay.
Stan: I mean she makes everything about her.
Ruby: You're right.
Stan: No, I don't think you're hearing what I'm saying.
Ruby: I am.
Stan: She does whatever she wants, whenever she wants.
Ruby: I know.
Stan: And the rules don't ever apply.