The ladies meet with Phoebe and Dave and wait for Rio to show up. However, he is sidetracked by Nick and never makes it.

Beth wins the election, and Rio gives her incriminating documents about Nick that she has spread to the press. When pressed on the money laundering and kickbacks, Nick attempts to frame Rio but doesn't once he realizes that the companies the money flows through are in his grandmother's name.

Stan and Dean try to get out of the Brotherhood, but Vance won't budge.

Realizing they have enough money for Nevada, the ladies plan to leave.

Beth is shot by Mick and seemingly left for dead.

The ladies all move to Nevada but experience troubles. While trying to rob a grocery store, Beth is shot, and it's revealed that she was only dreaming about Nevada. She recovers from her gunshot wound to the arm and decides that she no longer wants to move to Nevada.

Stan gives Ruby an ultimatum about leaving with him or staying behind.

Having left the gun at the scene, Nick ensured that Annie's prints would be found, and she is then arrested for Beth's shooting while Dean prepares to leave Beth.

Now a city council member, Beth informs Rio that she now works for him.

Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Phoebe: So, this is all on him?
Nick: Look, did I know that he was running with the wrong crowd? Sure. Did I know that he was going to use my position to line his pockets? Absolutely not.
Dave: But his name isn't on any of this.

Rio: You know me.
Nick: Do I?
Rio: I'll do what I gotta do, alright?
Nick: Let's see how far we can take her, yeah?
Rio: Drag that bitch til she drops.