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Callie decides to get to the office early to tell Wilson the truth about her connection to Malika. Ben beats her there, but Wilson asks to see her first. He does not fire her and respects her candor. 

He asks her if she told the others about his son. She admits that she told them that she saw him but not that she saw the ankle monitor. She then tells Ben that she told Wilson about Malka and Ben wonders what Callie has on Wilson because he was much stricter with the last clerk. 

Callie confides in Jamie about the situation and doesn't know if Wilson was being easy on her because of her knowledge of that. He looks into Tate Wilson's case and finds out that he had a dui, assaulted an officer and that the whole thing was in Berkely so there is no conflict. Later on, however, the news announces that the same chief of police who helped Wilson with his son is now the new LA chief of police. There is a conflict of interest for Wilson.

Gael enlists the help of Callie for his sister. Jazmin needs a lawyer to change her name and gender on her documents. Gael gets Calie to help who later enlists the help of Jamie. Jazmi had a bogus felony that makes her change her documents harder. 

Jazmin has a job catering and waiting at the Speckulate party. Everything is fine including her hitting it off with a guy who didn't mind that she was trans after she told him, but her boss doesn't hire her for the next gig because of the name on her birth certificate. Gael overhears and almost gets into a fight with the guy. 

She has a suit and Gael takes a steadier job at Speckulate for the money even though it means less time for his art. He agrees to help pay for it. He sees Callie kiss Jamie goodbye at the elevator. 

Mariana's team gets a special project, but Alex excludes her from it and says her work isn't the best. She and Raj share messages about how awful Alex and Sam are. Raj needs help with his assignment, so he goes to her place for her help, but he misreads some situations and tries to kiss her. He leaves embarrassed when she wonders what he was doing. 

He apologizes later on, but Mariana tells him how messed up it is that he did that to her. He happens to interrupt a conversation she was having with Evan. Evan Speck approached Mariana at the party a couple of times and later on in the office to small talk. 

Mariana comforts Casey when she also gets upset with the workplace sexism, and Mariana decides to start a club for the women. 

Davia sees Dennis with a woman who is around his age and starts making fun of him. Her attacks seem cruel and he lets her know it. When she approaches him again being snarky, he tells her about herself and how he's not interested in her married boyfriend who won't call her back. She is caught off guard. 

When the mysterious woman returns to deliver something to Dennis, she leaves it for Davia and tells her that she's Dennis' ex wife. 

Davia gives Dennis the divorce papers from his wife. She apologizes, and he tells her that he cheated on his wife before and that Jeff isn't leaving his wife for her. They sing together. Later, Jeff contacts her because he'll be in town, and Davia caves and says she'll see him again.

Good Trouble
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Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Do you ever feel like you're an imposter? Like you tricked someone into hiring you and like you're not as good as everyone else?


Alex and Sam made me be the black guy because it's like brown adjacent.