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Callie is overworked and Mariana has taken to partying. It messes with their sleep schedules. Callie feels like Mariana has given up on trying to change anything at work.

Alex and Sam continue to sexually harass Mariana with their pranks. They also use Raj to do it and mock and make fun of him for his ethnicity. Mariana wants to go to HR, but they tell her she needs to take a joke.

Marianan is called in with other minorities and women to talk about the company's diversity and take a photo. Mariana wants to tell the truth, but Casey tells her of the risks and mentions another female engineer who was essentially let go for speaking up. Raj reminds her that he doesn't speak up because he needs his job.

Mariana considers telling the truth, but in the end, she smiles for the camera and lies. She and Raj bond over their identity issues growing up and the times when they felt different because of their race. They mention hanging out together. Later, Mariana invites him to hang out with her, but he is surprised and disspoiintrf that it wasn't a date and they were hanging out with her friends while she scoped out other guys.

Callie and the other clerks are invited to Wilson's for a BBQ. They have to play a game of guessing a court case he has picked out. He also has to guess one they picked out. No one has ever stumped him. His wife pretends to give each of them the answer in secret, but Ben is the only one who takes the bait and loses.

Wilson is upset when they beat him with something relatively frivolous in comparison. He dismisses them. When Callie forgets her phone, she goes back, and she sees Wilson's son who she noticed earlier hiding upstairs. He has an ankle monitor on. Wilson subtly requests she not share that with anyone and Vallie doesn't when she and the others have drinks.

Ben walks Callie home and ends up seeing Malika heading inside too. When Callie realizes this, since he badgered her earlier and she lied, she rushed to find him, but he's gone.

Davia's flame from back home is in town for a business trip. Mariana overhears that he is married. She tells Davia but she already knows. Davia talks about heading back home and them being together, but when he leaves, he tells her not to because the timing isn't right.

Alice is fed up with the maintenance issues at the Coterie. Everyone is using too much tissue and she's paying for things out of her own pocket. Malika encourages her to speak up like she asserted herself when she let Malika move in with her when Malika was sleeping in her car. She finally talks to the housemates. She still can't say no to Sumi who now wants to get married there. She cries in the bathroom.

Good Trouble
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Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

All of my friends at home are married and a few of them are the good kind of pregnant. On purpose. I just don't know what I'm doing here.


Ben: Some of us weren't born with a trust fund.
Rebecca: how do you know I have a trust fund.
Callie: You don't?