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It's Dava's birthday and she plans a bar crawl where everyone has to bring a plus one. 

She wonders why Jeff hasn't contacted her as he always calls her for her birthday no matter what. She doesn't allow Dennis to bring someone with him, but he spends the night telling her that Jeff isn't her friend. 

It turns out Jeff stopped by the Coterie and Dennis punched him and gave him an ultimatum. Jeff chose to leave. He reaches out to Davia later on that night and she talks to him on the phone. He tells her about Dennis, and Davia confronts Dennis outside the club.

He tells her that she deserves better and needs to see herself as worthy, and she tells him tha the needs to take his own advice. She hooks up with Jeff later and then relizes she's falling into the same old patterns. She tells him to leave, and he tells her he's leaving his wife.

Dennis meets with his ex Jennifer who tells him that he should have half of their things in the divorce. He doesn't want anything, and she expreses concern. Later on, he spends most of the evening tlaking to Brandon who happens to be everyone's uber driver. He gives Brandon advice about marriage when Brandon is struggling with his wife being the primary breadwinner and him not feeling worthy. 

After Dennis' argument with Davia, he realizes he does need to respect himself and texts Jennifer that he wants half the money from the house. She assumes it has something to do with her dating his friend and tells him to contact her lawyer from that point forward. 

Callie brings Jamie as her plus one. It appears to make Gael jealous. Jamie is having a good time with her firiends. He finds out about what happened between her and Gael and tells Callie that he's tired of their relationship being casual and on her terms only. He wants to either be her confidant and lawyer or something else. 

Callie speaks to Brandon about his life and his issues with Eliza being away, feeling lonely, and feeling like he's not the caretaker. Brandon asks her about Gael. They talk about things. 

Gael and Callie talk and agree to get to know each other as friends. 

Callie texts Jamie and tells him she wants in on their relationship. 

Bryan used one of Davia's challenges at the gay bar to kiss Callie. He knew it upst Gael. He asks Gael if he chose him or is only stuck with him by default. Gael tells him that they won't work if he doesn't trust Gael's choice. 

Sumi forces herself into being Alice's plus one while Meera is away. She spends the night giving her mixed signals.Alice after being encouraged by Malika, speaks to Joey and Sumi overhears and is upset. 

Isaac challenges Malika to open up more. She eventually decides to after learning more about him. 

Good Trouble
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Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Jamie: Do you live at the Coterie?
Bryan: No, but my boyfriend does.
Jamie: Who's your boyfriend?
Bryan: Gael.
Jamie: Gael?
Alice: Wait officially? When did that happen?
Bryan: Like three weeks ago. I told him I wanted to be exclusive and he chose me.

This is going to be more than my birthday. It's going to be my re-birthday.