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The girls chose dates for each other on an app, and their dates are not going well. Mariana's date is self-absorbed, but she meets a guy who rescues her from her date.

Malika's date swiped left and rejected her but then the same guy shows up at the bar and he hits on her like he doesn't recognize her. She ignores him.

Callie keeps trying to stay away from Gael while he works on his art for his art show and she studies for the Bar. They keep falling into bed together and doing another things.

Alice hits it off with her date. She takes her home.

The guy who rescues Mariana from her date has a girlfriend. Mariana still goes home with him and hits it off with his girlfriend too. They end up having a threesome. The next morning, the girlfriend freaks out on Mariana when she sees her and Eli canoodling and Mariana bolts.

Callie and Gael agree to take a break from one another to focus on other things.

Isaac charms Malika and they hit it off in the end. He also spends the night.

Davia sleeps with her date after she realizes Jeff lied to her about being away. She breaks up with him over text.

Good Trouble
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Good Trouble Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

I may not be the Man of Steel, but I can be discipline. I once went a whole day without checking Twitter.


Gael: No Superman? Clark Kent? Jamie?
Callie: He does not look like Clark Kent.
Gael: Picture him with glasses.
Callie: Maybe.