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  • Mariana is staying over at Evan's apartment and has some quirks that bother him. 
  • She and the girls have to pitch their new app to a company. They run into Alex and Sam while there. She also found out about something Evan presented to her when he first started, and she gets upset that he told her to start off small. 
  • She and the girls pitch their original idea first and don't get the deal. 
  • Mariana tells Evan that they need to have boundaries regarding work, and he tells her that he has some he requires in his house for his pown peace of mind. 
  • One of Davia's students says something negative about her weight and it prompts Andre to defend her by fatshaming the girl, Jessie. 
  • It leads to Davia confiding in Gael about how Dennis leaving after they admitted feelings and having sex messed  with her self esteem and brought up her weight insecurities. He encourages her to talk to Dennis about her hurt feelings. She does.
  • Davia tells Gael to set some boundaries with his artist mentor. He does and it works out. 
  • Malika babysits Yvonne's kids. When it gets too much, she calls Dyontae and they watch the kids together. 
  • Malika bonds with Yvonne's daughter. 
  • Malika and Dyontae talk about  their flirty relationship and he confesses that he's in a poly relationship with his girlfriend. He wonders why she's been flirting with him. 
  • Isaac tells Malika that his therapist says she's right about moving in together. She reassures him that there is nothing to worry about with Dyontae. 
  • Callie goes behind Katheleen's back to gain information on her and also speak to Jerod's sister. 
  • They agree to go through with the trial. 
  • Katheleen reprmands Callie. 
  • Callie meets with a new DDA for Yvonne's case and it's Jamie.
Good Trouble
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Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Student: Did you hear that? They live together.
Jessie: No way a guy that fine is hooking up with someone as fat and as basic as Ms. Moss.

Isaac: What you smiling at?
Malika: Oh, um, I'm in this competition with Dyontae.
Isaac: I didn't realize the non-profit world was so competitive.