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  • Isabella is back and comes to see Gael.
  • Mariana frets on how she's going to tell the girls about Evan.
  • Gael figures out that Callie may be involved with Tony, so he pretends like he wasn't interested in hooking up again.
  • Gael goes to quit, but Yuri gives him $5k from the sale and claims he'll pay him for his art and give him access to his network.
  • Margaret Cho is at the comedy club, and they have to perform in front of her.
  • Byte Club pitch their Bulk Beauty idea. They love it and its bought and funded. 
  • Kathleen and the others are about to present their case when the Feds come in and arrest Kathleen in court.
  • Kathleen puts Callie in charge of prsenting the defense and Mark puts Jamie up against her in hopes of rattling her.
  • Malika tells Dyonte that she talked to Isaac about being in a relationhip with both of them, but she hasn't heard from him since the therapy session when he walked out. She says if he can't do it, then she can't either. 
  • Things get heated when Callie presents the evidence and Jamie keeps interjecting. They are granted a continuance. 
  • Jamie tells Callie that he didn't volunteer to go against her, and she says she knows that he's being used against her. He tries to warn her about Kathleen again, but she doesn't want to hear it. 
  • Andre is almost in trouble with a third strike, but Davia and Matt stand up to the principal. The principal reprimands them for going behind his back with a restorative justice program, but he agrees to their proposal of an after school program.
  • Evan celebrates Mariana with a rooftop dinner. They tell each other they love each other. The next day, Mariana finds out that the company takes back their offer and passes on the project. 
  • Alice and the other comedians get drunk and agree to stand together and stand up to Peter. 
  • Andre and the other kids refuse to take the common core test if they don't take the cops out of the school.
  • Inspired by Andre, Gael quits Yuri.
  • The FBI raided the office. Gael texts Callie to talk about their relatoinship, and we find out Callie and Tony didn't sleep with each other. She stopped it because it would be too complicated.
  • Mariana goes to pitch her idea to the big boss, and Jackie finds out. She shares that she never pitched it to the boss because Mariana's reputation of being a troublemaker precedes her. And she can't take a risk on Byte club.
  • Callie goes to talk to Gael but Isabella is there so he tells her another time.
  • Alice stands up to Peter but has no backup from anyone and leaves on her own.
  • Kathleen calls Callie. Callie went to meet with Jamie to find out why Kathleen is getting invetigated and learns that she may have knowledge about a missing witness in a raketeering case. 
  • Callie meets up with Kathleen who asks Callie to be her lawyer. 
  • The Byte Club think suing Evan is the best bet to fund their plans. Mariana tells them they can't because she's datng them. 
  • Isaac tells Malika he can't handle the news right now and they need a break. She tells Dyonte that she can't see him anymore. 
  • Dennis returns and confesses his love to Davia. Matt enters the room, and Davia makes an awkward introduction. 
  • Gael tells Callie that Isabella is pregnant. 
Good Trouble
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Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Malika: After the New Moon ceremony, Isaac asked me if I wanted to be in a relationship with you. I told him, no. But then I took him to therapy with me to tell him I lied, not that I'm assuming the feeling is mutual.
Dyonte: C'mon, you know it is.
Malika: And I also told him that I love him and that I wanted to be in a relationship with him too.
Dyonte: Of course, so what did he say?
Malika: I haven't heard from him since. The truth is, if he can't do this than neither can I.

Callie: So what are you doing today?
Gael: Quitting my internship.