Gael Struggles - Good Trouble
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  • Mariana continues to feed the FG  information that benefits them but has to miss out on the celebrations. 
  • Marina is ignoring Callie's calls
  • Marinana asks Joaquin about going undercover which makes him feel like she's onto him when she's really talking about her expereice. 
  • Isabella tells Gael that she may have to reconsider going back to Santa Barbara becuae her job with Dennis isn't paying as much
  • Joaquin asks Kelly about Diana Graham. She's also flirting with him.
  • They park the toast truck out side of the art studio which makes things awkward when they have to let people in to use the bathroom and Yuri meets Isabella for the first time 
  • Dennis refuses to follow Isabella's advice about their social media presence and they aren't making money 
  • Mariana has to prove hrself to Liza or risk getting fired so helps Revitalize land a big company
  • Gael can't make it to the appointment for Isabella because of the need to pay off his debt to Yuri. Dennis offers to take her instead.
  • Joaquin confronts Diana when she gets off of work about the coterie and Jenna, but she spooks easily, threatens to call security and leaves
  • Yuri warns Gael about Dennis being close to Isabella
  • Mariana listens to the girls when they're drunk and celebrating their win and they share that Jackie was the one who suggested  sustainable beauty care and already had the code for it
  • Gael is uspet when he finds out that Dennis was there with Isabella and Isabella is upset that Gael isn't spending ore time with her
  • gael makes a painting that sells and Yuri's buyer love it. He tells Yuri that his debt is paid and he  needs to go back to reglular hours. 
  • Atter telling Dennis to get over being worried about what people from his past think about him, they make a TikTok for the food truck. 
  • Kelly shares that the photo that Joaquijn shares of Jenna is actually Diana. Jenna went by her name
  • Jackie brings Evan in as a creator on their team. 
Good Trouble
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Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Mariana: Have you ever had to go undercover for a story?
Joaquin: Uh, what do you mean?
Mariana: I don't know. Like maybe taking a job somewhere or joining a group to expose wrongdoing.
Joquin: I'm a reporter, not a spy.

Kelly: So what's your preference? Waxed or unwaxed?
Joaquin: Um...
Kelly: Your floss?
Joaquin: Waxed.
Kelly: OK, I'll have to make an appointment, but that can be arranged.