Seeking Therapy - Good Trouble
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  • Dennis has a dream about spending time with his son.
  • ISabella tells Gael the truth about what happened with her parents.
  • they consult with the one lawyer who worked with Callie and works with Kathleen and tell her that she's looking at six to nine months.
  • Davia talks to Asher about getting the kid some help and he agrees and wants her to be with him and Elliot for the appointment. Dennis reminds her about boundaries.
  • Davia goes with aAsher and hears how hard things are for him and his own anxiety. She encourages him to talk to someone and prompts a discussion between Asher and elliot who is afraid to go to school again and is afraid Davia wants to leave him.
  • Mariana and Evan get trapped in the building and stuck in the stairwell. they finally discuss the elephant in the room and clear the air about their feelings and Joaquin.
  • Dennis and Ryan volunteer at the children's hospital together. Dennis talks to Gael about how he may have misled Ryan into thinking he wanted kids when he doesn't.
  • Isabella's plea deal is accepted but her parents state in court that Isabella isn't fit to be a mother and may take things to family court.
  • The BB girls land a great deal but Zelda exposes that she's transphobic as it relates to the product.
  • Isabella feels like Gael is judging he and she starts to freak out and throws a fit, hitting Gael in the face.
  • Gael reaches out to Dennis later and tells him he's freaking out.
  • Mariana tells Joaquin she doesn't want dinner.
  • She told Evan about Joaquin, and he got upset all over again.
Good Trouble
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Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Mariana: Do you really hate being around me that much?
Evan: Of course not.
Mariana: Well, you could've fooled me.

I'm not trying to save anyone. I learned my lesson with you.