Coterie Thanksgiving Celebration  - Good Trouble
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Callie has a dream about everyone getting engagement rings in their dinner and wondering why she hasn't answered.

She still has the engagement ring in her luggage. She agreed and said yes when Jamie proposed, but she must not have told anyone else about it yet.

Stef is nervous about there being way too many people at the dinner and everyone is showing up with respective problems.

Dennis showed his restaurant off to his father, and he's surprised at how supportive he was. Davia is nervous about him liking her. And she's also nervous about her mother showing up.

Alice's parents show up and they're mad at her because her brother David is quitting his high paying job to become an actor.

There's a difference in opinon on baptizing Lyric after Gael tells his parents he won't but Jazmine wants to. Gael pulls the card that he's the bio dad and puts his foot down.

Mariana goes to check on Jenna and ask her to join them for dinner and finally convinces her.

She sees that Joaquin is investigating Maddison's disappearance now and it's connection to Silas.

Malika tries to figure out why her brother and father aren't getting along with each other.

Jude is high at the dinner. Lena talks to him about it and he offers her a gummy which she takes.

Dennis and Davia introduce their parents to each other and Bonnie acts strangely.

Mariana tells Joaquin that she doesn't want him to get involved with the madison thing because it's too dangerous and she's worried about him.

Callie tells Jamie that she doesn't want to make the day about themselves when he says he wants to announce their engagement. Callie breaks down and tells Mariana, she's using that as an excuse, and Mariana sees through it.

She goes to show Callie the ring, but it's no longer in her suitcase and she rfreaks out.

Stef gets mad that Lena took an edible with Jude.

Alice feels like David is encroaching on her talent.

Gael's father gives him great advice on compromising with coparenting decisions.

Alice's mother starts seasnoing and adding things to the food getting cooked when no one is looking.

Dennis' father aksk Davia to talk some sense into Dennis about this restaurant thing.

Mariana tells moms about the engagement and then that the ring is gone. Callie says that saying things out loud makes it real and it could be taken away at any point.

Davia confides in Bonnie about the situation with Dennis and his father.

Callie talks to Jamie, and he offers to slow things down for her if necessary as he guesses what could be wrong. Right as she's about to confess, she sees the ring and tells him that she want to announce their engagement.

They realize that Kamiyah superglued it to a doll's head.

Everyone gives a toast and Callie announces her engagement.

Mariana goes to see Evan and take him dinner but she can't see him because he's having a rough day and in a lot of pain which inspires her to go to Joaquin and offer to help.


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Good Trouble Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Lena: You high?
Jude: A little. Okay a lot.
Lena: Jude, it's Thanksgiving.
Jude: Yeah, I know. It's the perfect time to have the munchies, and there are a lot of people I don't know here.
Lena: Ok, I get it. It's a little overwhelming.
Jude: You want a gummy?

As Lyric's biological father, I have to insist on having the last word on this.