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Serena is frantically trying to call Dan but he won't answer. She decides to drop in on him instead. Lily and Rufus have just finished with a night of sex - OMG. Lily is understandably freaked out by this.

Blai wakes up next to Chuck and immediately smacks him. They fell asleep together while plotting against Georgina, and while Chuck was supposed to stay on the floor, he up made his way to the bed.

Serena arrives at Dan's and finds that Georgina has spent the night. WTF!Georgina, or Sarah, plays the innocent schoolgirl card, but S freaks and calls her a crazy, manipulative bitch.

After G takes off, Serena spills the entire drug overdose story, and also explains that Georgina is crazy! Serena still believes she's meant to be with Dan, but he has to think about it.

Bart asks Lily if he should sell the old building he loves - a sly way to ask her if she's willing to forget about Rufus. She says she will.

At Blair's place, she has teamed up with Dan to plot against Georgina. Dan gets G on the phone, tells her he wants to end things with Serena, and asks if she'll meet with him. Georgina falls into the trap.

At their spot by the lake, Georgina tries to pretend Serena is the crazy one, but Dan is too smart for it this time. As they talk, Blair arrives along with Georgina's parents.

It seems like the old folks are the only thing that strikes fear into G's evil little heart. Blair goes over a laundry list of Georgina's misdeeds.

As Blair kisses Georgina bye, she says, "Haven't you heard? I'm the crazy bitch around here." LOL Blair is awesome!

After Serena tells Dan that Lily stayed away from Rufus because she asked her to, Dan passes the news on to his dad. However, Lincoln Hawk is going on tour and Lily is marrying Bart - that remains the same.

At the wedding, Blair tells Chuck that she successfully destroyed Georgina, and that she now has no use for him. She gives Chuck a kick in the shin for good measure.

Chuck witnesses Nate's dad doing some sort of shady exchange on the street.  He hands a guy some cash and gets a rather large envelope in return.

Rufus walks in on Lily and asks if she wants him to interrupt the wedding.  A nice romantic gesture, but Lily has a hundred reasons why not.

Lily tells Rufus she loves him, then walks down the aisle and officially weds Bart Bass. At the reception afterwards, Serena is a bit pissed that Dan nearly slept with Georgina.

Chuck fills Nate in on his dad's shady deal. Nate doesn't want to believe him, but he still loves Chuck deep inside and he listens to him.

Nate's dad wasn't buying drugs earlier. He was buying a fake passport so he could flee the country and avoid his trial. Holy crap.

He tells Nate that he has to step up and become the man of the family, and N gives him a swift punch in the face as a retort.

Nate goes over and apologizes to Chuck, and they officially make up. Vanessa arrives just in time to overhear some of the drama.

Serena tells Dan she doesn't want to break up with him, but Dan doesn't feel the same way. S lied to him over and over again, and he's not sure that's something he can forgive.

S tries to explain things, but Dan doesn't see how things can ever go back to normal. They're officially done, at least until next season.

It's time for Chuck's best man speech at the reception.

He speaks of a need for perseverance and forgiveness in love - his way of apologizing to Blair. They share a dance and a kiss afterwards. Chuck informs her that she obviously never belonged with Nate.

The next thing you know, Blair and Chuck are planning a trip to Europe, as Nate and Vanessa have called things off. It looks like Dan and V are going to spend the summer in Brooklyn together.

Chuck says goodbye to his dad, who tells him that he'll soon learn about responsibility, sacrifice and faithfulness now that he's with Blair.

Chuck seems horrified by this. As the episode comes to a close, C seduces his interior designer, Amelia. His pickup line: "I'm Chuck Bass."

While Blair is waiting at the airstrip, she flirts with one of the Bass employees.

Until next season on Gossip Girl ..

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Gossip Girl Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

Blair: (kicks Chuck's leg) Break a leg.
Chuck: I think I just did.

Blair: You were on the floor!
Chuck: I hurt my back.
Blair: How? It's not like you every do anything athletic.
Chuck: Well, that's not entirely true, now is it?
Blair: Fine, nothing that involves removing your scarf.
Chuck: That was one time, it was chilly.