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For one Gossip Girl character, it's a nightmare straight out of My Fair Lady. For a bunch of them, it's a trip to the big dance (a.k.a. Yale).

Just as she is about to drink the orange juice that Dorota brings to her in bed, Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) sees Page Six with a picture of Serena (Blake Lively). It just fuels her fire against her ex-BFF even more.

But Blair isn’t the only one who wants to go to Yale. Dan, Nate and Chuck all decide to visit on the same day. Dan legitimately wants to go to the school for their English department, Nate considers it a backup school because he would rather go to a school (USC) where people don’t know his family, and Chuck is taking the practical approach to finding a college - looking for the schools with the best secret societies.

Serena seems content visiting Brown until Blair totally bashes Brown and tells Serena that she didn’t stand a chance of getting into Yale.

Little does Blair know that Serena got a hand-written invitation from the Yale’s admission office for a school visit. Egged-on by Blair, Serena decides to hop on the Yale bandwagon and visit the school.

As for high school, Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen) is still not going. Some tension arises when Jenny offers the solution of home-schooling to her dad (Vanessa, amazingly, would be her teacher). Rufus rejects the idea.

Jenny makes a deal with him - if he follows her around her job for one day and still thinks that she should go back to school and ignore her dream of pursuing fashion, she will quit working for Eleanor and return to school.

Rufus agrees, but doesn’t want Jenny to drop out. He even tries to get Eleanor to fire Jenny so that she can return to school. Eleanor refuses.

At Yale, things are going wrong for Blair. She is surprised to see Serena in the Dean’s office. Blair’s interview ends up going horribly wrong. When Blair confronts Serena, the latter admits she first came to get back at B, but she likes the school and the people, and isn’t sorry.

Making matters worse, Serena is invited to an intimate gathering at the Dean’s house that night. This sends Blair over the edge.

Blair goes to the Dean’s secretary and schemes her way into the party.

Meanwhile, Dan also doesn’t do a good job during his interview when the Dean notices that his app only contains one letter of recommendation. The Dean tells Dan to find someone else (particularly on campus) to write him one.

The person that Dan ends up seeking out for help happens to be an English student ... who has fallen for Nate. But she thinks that Nate is actually Dan Humphrey! Nate came up with a quick alter-ego when he overheard people talking about him and his family problems on campus ... he made out with this girl, but he might have picked a better alias.

While seeking help getting his material into the hands of an English prof, Dan ends up walking in on Nate and this girl making out. Dan sees Nate has been pretending to be him and gets annoyed.

Chuck Bass, meanwhile, has been trying to get inside secret society Skull and Bones. The men sought him as a candidate for membership next year.

Chuck impresses them by basically bringing in really expensive hookers to “entertain” them and secure his place in the society. However, the Skulls want Chuck to bring Nate because Nate’s father stole some of their money.

Chuck agrees to bring Nate, but instead lets them capture Dan. The two guys got mixed up once again, leading to another plot twist.

You gotta love Gossip Girl!

Dan ends up tied to a statue in his underwear. The Skulls show up at the bar that Nate is drinking in later and are talking about how they taught Nate Archibald a lesson. When Nate hears, he tells them who he is and that they got the wrong guy. Nate starts a brawl and then goes to rescue Dan.

As a tradition at the Dean’s party, he asks each student a question about who they would like to have dinner with the most, dead or alive.

Chuck lets Serena in on the answer that Blair has been preparing for, and after finding out that Blair got into the party, Serena uses it.

But during the public revealing of the answers, written on index cards, Serena is shocked as the Dean reads her answer - which Blair sabotaged!

The card says Serena would like most to have dinner with Pete Fairman.

Making matters infinitely worse, Blair makes sure to clarify who that is to the stunned crowd by blurting out that Pete Fairman happens to be the guy Serena “killed.” She also throws in the obligatory sex tape reference.

Outside, Blair and Serena start screaming and get into a full-on physical cat fight. After they cool off, Serena says they shouldn’t be friends and Blair agrees. They call a truce and part ways.

In New York, Rufus tells Jenny that she needs to go to school. Jenny agrees but asks her Dad to accompany her on one last errand. The errand happens to be to drop something off at Lily’s apartment.

When Jenny and Rufus enter the apartment, Lily ends up coming out in a revealing black dress that Jenny had crafted for Serena. Lily was just trying it on just to see how it looked.

Rufus is floored by the dress and that Jenny created it. Lily helps to put things into perspective for Rufus and explains that he is lucky to have a daughter so close to achieving her dreams at a young age.

Rufus agrees to let Jenny be home schooled by Vanessa.

Back at Yale, Blair and Serena sort of make amends. Both end up going to the Dean’s office to explain that the other deserves admission more.

The two friends agree to drive home together and end their battling. Serena does get a call back from the Dean who says she can count on early admission to the school (he is looking for the publicity angle for sure, given his fascination with Serena's new socialite life).

When Serena asks about Blair, the Dean implies that Blair won’t be getting in. But Serena says that she won’t go without Blair. Interesting move, S!

Nate doesn’t seem willing to forgive Chuck for his stunt with the Skulls. Nate decides to take the train home with Dan, leaving Chuck alone.

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Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Serena: I know you may find this hard to believe, but not everyone wants to go to Yale because not everyone wants to be Blair Waldorf.
Blair: Not everyone can be.

Serena: Brown is an Ivy League school.
Blair: Everyone knows that the only REAL Ivies are the holy trinity: Harvard, Yale and Princeton.