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Lily and Rufus' Halloween planning / trick-or-treat story was not among the show's most interesting in years. That's a nice way of putting it. Rufus wants to hand out candy to trick or treaters, but Lily wants to go to Charles' club opening. More on that shortly.

Rufus REALLY wants to get into the Halloween spirit, though, dressing up as one of the Ramones. No trick or treaters come to Lily's building but she's really trying to be nice to him so she has Vanya pay a few to come by a couple of times in different costumes, throughout the night.

Rufus confesses he knew all along. But he's grateful Lily would do that for him. It's cute. But, on to the good stuff.


Jenny’s angst over being the queen or being who she really is, a middle class girl from Brooklyn, is eating her up inside.

First, she asks Eric and Jonathan not to sit above her on the MET steps. Eric tries to give her the benefit of the doubt but Jonathan warns that queen is going to her brain. The mask is becoming the face, as he says.

The next day, they push her buttons and sit above her anyway. J is basically forced to choose who she wants to be right then ... and has the new mean girls dump yogurt on Eric’s head.

But even queens get in trouble with mom, in this case with Lily, so Jenny is forced to apologize to Eric and go with him to Chuck's club opening.

There, she's nice to him, but she's got something more up her sleeve.

Giving herself an alibi by talking to Eric at the party, the mean girls hit Jonathan with eggs as he makes his way to the door. Eric hears about it all and sees through J's scheme and tells her off again.

At the end she throws her sewing machine away along with all her old stuff. She’s angry and confused, to say the least.


Nate convinces Dan to watch the Endless Nights trilogy, featuring Olivia and her ex-boyfriend Patrick Roberts. They have sex. Vampire style. It's hot.

Dan is increasingly uncomfortable with the rumors that Nate read on blogs about Olivia and Patrick doing it for real on camera. And that Nate reads Endless Nights fan sites.

Olivia is also spotted on Gossip Girl grabbing free condoms from the NYU health center. Dan is gonna be getting lucky!

If he can stomach it, of course. Endless Nights is making him ill.

Olivia later convinces Dan that this was a fake relationship concocted for the cameras and that her relationship with Dan is real. They agree to go together to Chuck's big club opening.

That is, until publicist K.C. tells her she has to go with Patrick Roberts instead, for the cameras. She's flying him in because his career sucks at this point and he needs the PR.

Dan reluctantly agrees to sneak in and join Olivia in the back once she's finished faking that she's in this other relationship.

More on how that goes down shortly, but first, let's get caught up on ...


Chuck’s hotel is a total bust so far and he’s stressed. Blair says to open the hotel’s club for a big Halloween bash. To get some needed PR, Chuck calls Serena and asks her to get a party organized the next night.

One caveat: Chuck wants Blair nowhere near the bash. He is still upset by the lack of trust she showed in the previous episode's game.

Of course, Blair overhears Serena's phone call with him, then goes behind Chuck’s back to help speed up his liquor license by calling ... Jack.

As in Chuck's uncle Jack Bass.

Chuck finds out and is not pleased. The license arrives, and so does Blair after she realizes Jack tried to d!ck over Chuck and send a fake license.

That's when Chair gets back on the same page, though.

In the middle of the soiree, they call the cops themselves to make sure a proper raid takes place. Since they can 1. break the law and get busted anyway, or 2. call off the party, they decide to go option #1 only turn things into a media frenzy.

The cops raid the place as planned and the bookings soon soar.

Once the party fallout dies down, since he can no longer get a license for months after this debacle, Chuck decides he’ll open a speakeasy, an invite only club. He and Blair seem to have patched things up.

Meanwhile, Dan and Olivia go public at the club, making out like the horny college kids they are. She confesses, though, that Patrick was her real boyfriend ... even though they are not together now.

She feels bad she broke his heart and his career went downhill at the same time. K.C. wants Olivia and Patrick to make out for the cameras during the raid. Dan is not happy. Serena has an idea, though!

S personally pretends she's Patrick Roberts' girlfriend and makes out with him on camera. Dan and Olivia also do the same right beside them.

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Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Nate: I'm surprised Blair's not here. Are you guys in another fight?
Chuck: A fight implies time and energy. This is more of an ongoing, detached distrust.

Eric: She's still the same Jenny underneath. She just has to wear the mask for school.
Jonathan: That mask is becoming her face.