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On this episode of Gotham…

Fish wants Carmine to kill Penguin, but he chooses to work out a deal with Sal Maroni instead.

Carmine tries to bring in Jim to talk, sending Victor Zsaz to do the job. Jim manages to escape with some help from Montoya and Allen.

He takes them to Bruce Wayne’s, telling Bruce they will take on the case of his murdered parents.

Jim teams up with Harvey, initially upset that Jim lied, to arrest the mayor and Carmine.

While the duo get the mayor, Carmine tells Jim he has Barbara. Jim and Harvey are let go, along with Barbara.

Oswald greets Carmine at the end, thanking him for sparing Jim’s life.

In a flashback, Oswald tells Carmine to let Jim kill him, knowing his moral code won’t let him, and he’ll come back to Gotham and infiltrate Sal’s gang to snitch for Carmine. He also reveals Fish is trying to push Carmine out.

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Told you. Easy as pie.