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On this episode of Gotham…

A flashback reveals Harvey and his former partner, Detective Dix, hunting down a killer known as the Spirit of the Goat.

While Dix is injured in the process, Harvey kills the killer.

Unfortunately, 10 years later, Harvey is assigned to a case involving a killing done in the exact same ritualistic manner. This particular killer is targeting the rich people’s first born.

Bruce continues to study Gotham.

Selina Kyle breaks in and steals from Bruce’s home while he sleeps.

Oswald returns to his mother, telling her he can trust Jim Gordon.

Edward meets Kristen Kringle, as he attempts to help solve the case with Jim and Harvey.

Jim and Barbara talk again, and she says she wants to make it work. She wants him to just talk to her.

Montoya and her partner get a homeless man to ID Jim as the shooter of Oswald.

Harvey and Jim try and figure out if there’s a copycat killer, and Harvey even looks to his former partner, in a wheelchair, for help.

The two manage to track down the killer, another person with mental issues, before he can claim his next victim.

Harvey realizes that the men were being controlled by a therapist, who hypnotized them to do her bidding. He manages to shoot her as she tries to escape.

Despite Barbara’s protests, Montoya arrests Jim.

Oswald appears at GCPD headquarters, and Harvey tries to attack Jim for lying to him.

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