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On this episode of Gotham...

A masked vigilante known as the Balloonman is killing crooked officials including a preist and a cop.

Selina Kyle says that she saw the face of who killed Bruce Wayne's parents, but while Jim is trying to confirm she was even at the spot, she escapes and runs away.

Bruce isn't eating, but he reads up on the Balloonman.

Fish has one of Carmine's women get into an "accident" and orders her former lover to be dealt with.

Oswald returns to Gotham, kills for a sanwich and shoes, and he becomes a cook in a kitchen. He meets Sal Maroni, another power player vying for control in the city.

Jim and Harvey finally find the Balloonman, who used to help children in Gotham. He believes the cops can't do anything in a city so corrupt.

Montoya, after getting info from Fish on who killed Oswald, tries to rekindle a flame with Barbara. She refuses.

Oswald shows up at Jim's place.

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Gotham Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

I can't stand you being with this man. You deserve better.


Hoisted by your own petard!