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On this episode of Gotham…

Jim and Leslie attend the circus.

A fight breaks out there between two rival groups, including the Graysons, over the affections of the snake charmer.

Jim finds the snake charmer dead, and a psychic tells them about a message from the other side that leads Jim and Leslie to a weapon.

Jim pieces together that the snake charmer’s son, Jerome, is also the child of the psychic who was trying to help.

Jim says he knows Jerome killed his mother, and Jerome flips from quiet to maniacally laughing.

Barbara returns to her home to find Selina and Ivy. She tries to impress Jim again but walks in on him kissing Leslie.

Fish leads her army and makes a deal with the boss of the prison.

Oswald’s club is not succeeding, but Victor Zsaz shows up and gives him a very much alive Butch to help out.

Bruce threatens legal action against the Wayne Enterprises board.

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Well, that's very funny.


I didn't come here to talk.