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Nygma sets off an Acme-style bomb at the Gotham art museum. It produces a lot of smoke, causing everyone to leave the museum. He steals a piece of art.

At GCPD, Barnes tells Bullock and Gordon about the theft. He sends them off, but keeps Gordon behind and tells him that Internal Affairs has reopened the Galavan murder case because an anonymous tip places him at the scene.

Gordon leaves Barnes' office, Bullock wants to know what's going on, but Gordon says he'll tell him later. Nygma shows up and tells Gordon he is ready for his interview about Ms. Kringle. Jim tells him it'll have to be later.

Penguin shows up at Galzean's place. He and Tabitha are surprised to see him. They test him to try to set him off, but realize Penguin's not the same. Galzean wants to just let him go. Tabitha wants to punish him.

At the museum, Jim asks Bullock for help regarding he IA investigation. They meet with the museum curator who tells them about the painting that was stolen and the two others that were defaced. Turns out the paintings are a clue that there will be a bombing at the rail station. Bullock and Gordon take off.

Nygma watches the evacuation of the rail station. When Gordon gets hear where the om is in a locker, Nygma starts the timer. Jim gets the locker open with a crow bar and throws the bomb into a station master's well. It goes off. 

Bruce and Selina visit Ivy who is watering magic mushrooms. The trio plan on stealing money from the gang upstairs. Once they get knocked out from the mushrooms, Ivy slipped into their food earlier, Bruce and Selina go upstairs and take a canister of money. Sonny Galzean shows up and catches the two.

Ed shows up as himself at the museum. He gets Pinkney to sign a paper, and Gordon puts him on the forensics side.

Penguin shows up at Ed's house feathered from Tabitha and Butch. Penguin tells him to give up the violent life. Ed is freaked out by the "new" Penguin and sort of kicks him out.

Bullock tells Gordon what he found out from IA.

Back at the mushroom house, Galzean is trying to contact Butch. Bruce smarts off to him and takes a serious beating. Selina breaks free and they fight the thugs and take off.

Penguin visits the cemetery and Penguin's dad shows up. They reunite even though Penguin thought his dad was dead and Elijah didn't know he had a son. Elijah takes Penguin home.

Gordon admits to Lee he killed Galavan and that IA is reopening the case.

Nygma visits Pinkney and kills him with a crowbar.

Penguin is at Elijah's house. Turns out Elijah is very rich. Elijah tells him about how he met Gertrud.

Bullock calls Jim at home and tells him about forensics evidence Gordon can investigate. He goes to the address, it's a pay phone right outside Pinkney's apartment. He enters Pinkney's apartment and finds Pinkney dead. Barnes shows up and takes Gordon into custody. He says that Pinkney was the anonymous source.

Bruce is getting stitches. He tells her he was empowered by the fight and feels he's unbreakable.

Gordon is getting interrogated by Barnes who doesn't believe a word Gordon is saying. He's arrested and move to another facility. Gordon tells Bullock he was set up by the museum thief.

Fast forward four weeks and Jim is convicted of murder and sentenced to 40 years at Blackgate. Bruce and Cat are watching on TV and can't believe it. 

At Arkham, the radio is on and Barbara hears Jim's name and wakes up. The nurse calls for Professor Strange.

Lee is at the holding cell visiting Gordon. Gordon tells her to move on, that he's not going to respond to her visits.

At Elijah's place, his wife and two kids welcome Penguin to the family. Neither daughter nor mom look too happy about Penguin.

Gordon is being transferred to Blackgate. Bullock promises to find out the truth.

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Gotham Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Museum curator: What kind of art thief would take time to defile such masterpieces?
Bullock: An ignorant one?

Listen, if you give us the coffee can, and go back to sleep, you'll be able to fly.