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Barbara is at Jim's place. He's holding a gun to her. He doesn't trust her. Finally, he lets her in, still holding the gun to her. He wants to know why she's here. She tells him. He kicks her out, but she doesn't want to go. As she's walking out she sees a file on the table regarding the Wayne murders.

She tells him she can help. He refuses. Before he closes the door on her, she asks him to say her name. He does when he says goodbye and closes the door.

Bullock is coming down the hallway. He's confused and goes into a sort of panic when he sees Barbara walking away. He bangs on the door.

Bruce is working on his dad's computer when Alfred comes downstairs. He offers breakfast to Lucius and Bruce. Bruce finds something in his father's calendar about Pinewood. Bruce says he's going to visit this woman, Karen, that his dad was supposed meet before he died.

Jim determines that The Lady was involved in the Wayne murders and decides he's going to go after her. Bullock tells him she's out of business after he killed all her top assassins. Jim doesn't care, he's going anyway. Bullock has him pick some weapons from the whammy drawer. Jim goes on a vicious hunt to find out information. He beats guys, shoves their heads in toilets, kicks them until he finds his answer.

He learns she hangs out at the Artemis Club.

At Indian Hill, Professor Strange is watching his minions work on Patient 44. Ms. Peabody comes in to tell him someone's been looking for Karen Jennings. He reminisces about Karen and how he turned her into some claw thing.

Bruce and Alfred arrive at Karen's cabin. There's no answer at the door, so Bruce picks the lock. Inside, Karen is quick and attacks Alfred. She has a claw hand.Bruce tells her who he is, and she comes out from her hiding spot. He asks her about Pinewood Farms. She tells him it's not safe, that he should leave, but Bruce insists.

Jim tries to get into the Artemis, but it's a ladies only club. The lady bouncer tries to shoo him off, but Barbara is there. She offers him help. They argue a bit about why she's there and why she wants to help him. She convinces him that if he goes in there guns blazing, The Lady will disappear and he'll never find his answers.

She goes in and talks to The Lady.

Karen tells Bruce and Alfred her story. Her stint at Blackgate and then Pinewood Farms. and how she got the claw hand. Bruce wants to know if she has a name. She doesn't, but she remembers the head guy's face.  He wants to go to Pinewood so they can find this guy. She refuses at first, then agrees.

At Artemis, The Lady and Barbara are talking like old friends. Barbara offers her something. Jim is trying to get into the club another way. The bouncer lady catches him, but Barbara shows up and puts a knife to his throat.

Jim is tied up on a room with The Lady and Barbara. Barbara is playing crazy, trying to find out answers from The Lady about who hired her to kill the Waynes'. The Lady finally spills the beans - the guy called himself The Philosopher- and Barbara zaps The Lady and lets Jim go. 

Alfred, Bruce, and Karen are walking around the abandoned Pinewood Farms facility. He wants to know what she hasn't told him, but goons interrupt them. They start shooting at Karen. Karen and Alfred are able to take them down, but the cops show up as they are escaping.

Jim and Barbara leave the club and they have another hostile conversation with Jim asking why she's doing this. Barbara tells him it's because she knows how important the Wayne murders are to him. That she thinks he still cares because he tried to save her before she fell. That she knows once he solves the murders that he believes he'll be free and be able to shut the door on the past and start new.

He tells her he can't forgive her for trying to kill Lee.

Bruce calls Jim. Jim leaves Barbara. He goes to the police station. Alfred is freed. Bruce tells Captain Barnes everything. Karen is being transported to Blackgate.

Jim and Bruce exchange stories. Jim wants to break Karen out before she ends up at Blackgate.

At Arkham, Ms. Peabody tells Professor Strange that Karen is headed back to Blackgate. He tells her he has the perfect person to take care of Karen. He and Peabody visit Freeze and tell him about a special task they have for him.

Karen is in the police truck on the way to Blackgate. Jim sets a trap and he, Alfred, and Bruce overtake the truck.

Alfred is driving when all of a sudden he hits a patch of ice and the truck goes flying. Karen, Bruce and Jim exit the back of the truck and see it's Mr. Freeze who is after them.

Karen tells Bruce about his dad being like a father to him then runs towards Freeze where he kills her. The other three barely escape death before Freeze walks off.

Barbara is snoozing on Tabitha's lap when Butch walks in asking what's going on.

Bruce is playing with Karen's music box when Lucius comes in with information. They discover that The Philosopher is Professor Strange.

Bruce is upset that a friend killed his parents.

At Arkham, Peabody tells Strange that Jim and Bruce are involved. He's almost giddy about the prospect. A warning bell activates and they go down to where Patient 44 is. He has been reanimated. He's strong and is throwing the guards around.

He's talking crazy talk to himself. Grabs one of the doctors and snaps his neck. Peabody wants to gas him, but Strange stops her. Galavan raises his hands and calls out the name Azrael.


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Gotham Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

I'm telling the truth. It's what I do now.


Come back to the GCPD. You'll have resources, and you'll have, you know, me.