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Galavan kidnaps the mayor and convinces him to tell people he's run off with a woman.

Jerome and gang throw shipyard employees off the roof of the Gotham Gazette to spell Maniax!.

Jim is the lead in the investigation and gives the team a rundown of the players.

The Maniax (minus Barbara) are enjoying a celebratory feast. Galavan tells them about their future plans. He holds an impromptu audition to determine which one is going to be the team's television star.

Barbara and Tabitha show up with mayor, throwing him down on the ground while whipping him. Galavan questions Barbara about Gordon.

Bruce starts to turn on the computer in the secret room when Alfred destroys it. Bruce is not happy and fires him.

Jerome and Greenwood are playing with some weapons that Galavan left for them. Jerome wants the sword Greenwood has, but he isn't giving it up. A fight ensues. Galavan shows up just before it gets ugly. Both the boys want to be team leader, so Galavan makes them play Russian roulette for the honor. Greenwood goes first. Blank. Jerome decides to take three turns. Blank,  three times. This impresses Galavan enough and he makes Jerome the leader.

Gordon visits Bullock at his bar to try to convince him to come back to GCPD, but Bullock's girlfriend is there and runs interference. Before Jim leaves, Bullock gives him a lead that helps the investigation. 

Gordon and the Commissioner go into her office and have a philosophical conversation about being cops. 

Bruce is in his father's den when Alfred comes in, bags packed. He plays a sympathy card, but Bruce doesn't bite and he leaves for the train station.

The Maniax, dressed in straight jackets, are in the stolen fuel truck waiting for a target when a school bus full of cheerleaders appears. 

Edward Nygma is in the records room when Kristen Kringle shows up. Nygma wants to ask her attempts to ask her out, but instead asks her a trivia question about flies. After she leaves, his other self shows up, admonishing him. 

The Maniax take their fuel truck and block the path of the bus. Jerome skips to the bus, laughing maniacally while the cheerleaders scream in fear.

Gordon finds out about the hijacked bus and heads out.

The Maniax handcuff the cheerleaders and make them do an "Oh, No" cheer before he douses all of them with gasoline. He exits the bus and tries to light his lighter but it doesn't light. Arnold offers his, but just as Jerome's about to light it, the cops show up.

A gunfight erupts. Jerome gets away, but Arnold gets arrested. As Gordon is walking him back to the car, Tabitha shoots him with a sniper rifle.

Alfred is at the train station waiting to leave when Bruce shows up. They make amends.

Leslie is doing the autopsy on Arnold. Commissioner Essen ponders why the Maniax hijacked cheerleaders. Leslie and Gordon let each other know they still care.

Alfred runs into Lucius Fox at the train station bar and asks for his help. Lucius agrees.

Jim gets a phone call from Barbara. When he realizes she's in the building, he chases after her. As he leaves, Jerome and friends enter. After a chase, Gordon tries to convince Barbara to turn herself in. Instead, Aaron appears and beats Jim up. While all of this is going on the Maniax are killing cops back at the station.

Greenwood and Jerome tie up the Commissioner. They are going to make a video. Jerome doesn't like what Greenwood says and shoots him. Gordon returns to the station too late to save the Commissioner. Edward Nygma, Kristin Kringle, and Leslie survive the havoc.

Lucius is at Wayne Manor trying to fix the computer.

Bullock shows up in the Commissioner's office where Gordon is reminiscing. He's coming back. 

Another cop enters the office and turns on the television. The newscast shows Jerome's video where he warns that more chaos is on the way.

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