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Butch leads Penguin and two goons to the warehouse where Gertrud is supposed to be held. She is there locked in a cage. Just as Penguin is about to free her with bolt cutters, Galavan and Tabitha walk in.  Galavan tells Penguin the only way to get her out is with the key he holds in his hand.

Penguin orders Butch to shoot the two of them. Butch shoots the two goons.  Penguin grovels for his mother's life. Tabitha releases Gertrud. She runs to Penguin, hugging him, when Tabitha knifes her in the back. It takes a long time for Gertrud to die. 

After she's dead, Galavan orders Butch to kill Penguin. Penguin challenges Galavan to kill him himself. Galvan returns and is going to shoot him, but Penguin pulls out the knife from his mother's back and slashes at Galavan, striking him in the neck. In the commotion, Penguin throws himself out the window.

Nygma wakes up and has a flashback to the night before when he killed Kristin. His alter ego shows up and tells him he made Kringle's body disappear. He created a riddle in order or Nygma to find where the body is. 

Galavan, Tabitha, and Silver watch as it is announced that Galavan has won the mayoral election. He tells Silver she needs to keep Bruce close. Silver tells him she has Bruce wrapped around her little finger.

Tabitha wants to catch and kill Penguin, but Galavan tells her that he will sic the Strike Force on him.

At the GCPD, Bullock and Gordon watch the mayoral election coverage. Gordon tells Bullock he's not sure if he trusts Galavan. Captain Barnes comes out of his office and tells the two that Penguin attacked Galavan. Galavan comes to the station with his story. Harvey Dent is there with an arrest warrant, says that a judge has declared a state of emergency. Galavan wants the city to have a curfew and wants the Strike Force to search house by house for Penguin. Gordon questions the actions.

After they leave Barnes' office, Galavan questions Gordon about his hesitancy. Gordon explains his reasons. Galavan makes a veiled threat to Gordon reminding him that he came to Galavan seeking his help.

Selina shows up at Wayne Manor. Bruce is surprised to see her and appears uncomfortable. Silver is there. Bruce introduces the two. Silver sends Bruce off to have Alfred set an extra place for lunch for Selina. While Bruce is gone, Silver threatens Selina. Bruce returns and wants to know what the two were talking about. Silver tells him it was nothing but girl stuf.

Nygma is at the GCPD trying to figure out his own riddle as to wear his alter ego hid Kristin's body. He finds her hand in the vending machine, gets it out and hides it in his lab coat.

At Galavan's lair, Tabitha and Galavan talk about Penguin. Tabitha thinks it's a bad idea to send the Strike Force after him. Galavan assures her it's the best plan.

Penguin is in a basement somwhere watching Galavan on TV talking about the search for Penguin. Galavan says something about mothers which sends Penguin into a rage.

Bullock finds out that Butch has his own crew. Lee shows up and gives Gordon his keys. When Gordon asks about the extra key, Lee tells him it's to her place. He asks her if she wants a key to his place, but she says no.

At Wayne Manor, Alfred is serving tea to the three kids. It's an awkward situation. Silver talks fancy to Alfred, who shuts her down, politely. After Alfred leaves, Silver asks Selina about herself. Selina goes off, calls Silver a fraud. Silver acts all hurt and runs off. Bruce is not happy and kicks Selina out.

Nygma is analyzing Kristin's hand and finds another riddle on a piece of paper stuck under her hand. As he's reading the riddle, his alter ego shows up, taunting him. Nygma is still hunting for Kristin's body.

Bullock and Gordon show up at Bruch's place waiting for a way in. Gordon starts talking about Galavan and questioning Galavan's story from the beginning. A pizza guy shows up at Butch's place and Gordon and Bullock use that as a way to get in. Gordon starts asking questions, but Butch refuses to answer. Zsasz and a bunch of goons show up and set up outside, ordering Butch to come out before they start shooting. Butch's crew run out.

Gordon handcuffs Butch to a radiator. Butch starts telling Gordon everything, but Zsasz starts shooting. Bullock and Jim shoot back. When the gunfight is over, Butch has escaped. 

Bruce is at Galavan's place looking for Silver. Galavan talks to Bruce about family. Silver shows up and Galvan excuses himself.

In the secret basement, Penguin tells his men that he is the only one to kill Galavan. One of the henchmen thinks its a bad idea, but Penguin insists.

At the GCPD, Barnes lays out the orders for the mayoral celebration that evening: protect Galavan at all costs.

At the party, the GCPD take their places. Strike Force member Martinez takes his place on the roof. Bullock and Gordon are inside. Bullock tells Gordon no one has seen Gertrude for weeks. Gordon believes that she's dead.

Dent introduces Galavan. The crowd goes wild. 

At the M.E.'s office, Nygma finds Kringle's body when Lee shows up. Lee gets suspicious, but Nygma convinces her nothing is wrong. He tells her that he and Kristin had a fight and that he wants to talk to her about it over coffee. Lee agrees and leaves. He puts Kringle's body back.

Galavan is talking to Gordon about the Butch shootout, wanting to know if Butch told him anything important. Gordon says no.

A group of Penguins are approaching the party. Gordon orders his men not to shoot, but Tabitha is on the roof and shoots at Penguin. It's not Penguin though, just a look-a-like. Gordon orders Martinez to find the unknown shooter. Martinez goes to the rooftop and pulls a gun on Tabitha, but she takes him down, shoving her stiletto heel in his neck.

Back at the party, the Penguin's crash the party, a shootout ensues. Galavan is trapped, but Gordon cover him to get him out.

The real Penguin is outside. He has lifted a dead cops walkie talkie and is able to hear how the GCPD plans for Galavan.

Penguin accosts Jim and Galavan. He tells Jim that Galavan killed his mother. Galavan wants Gordon to shoot Penguin, but he refuses. Bullock shows up behind Penguin. Penguin is starting to tell Jim about Galavan's plans for Bruce when Tabitha shoots Penguin. He is able to escape into Galavan's car and takes off.

Galavan gives a press conference about the shootout. Bruce and Silver are watching. Bruce tells her he likes her. They kiss. Selina is watching and sees Silver's evil look.

Galavan and Gordon have a stand off. 

Nygma merges with his alter ego and begins to dispose of Kristin's body.

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Gotham Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

You're a piece of gutter trash.

Silver St. Cloud

You come from a long line of cowards.