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At Penguin's lair, members of the underworld are arguing with each other. Penguin shoots a gun in the air to grab their attention. He wants to know who knows what about the Arkham escape. Everyone thought he busted the Maniax out. 

He wants to restore order in Gotham after Maniax corrupted everything and now every crime, no matter how small, has to get his approval first.

Tabitha shows up at the lair. Galavan wants to meet him.

Captain Barnes introduces himself to the GCPD by throwing a chair. He gives a lecture about allowing murderers to wreak havoc on the department and how ashamed he would be if he were them. To make his point, he firest a handful of dirty cops. He lays down the law that if any cop breaks the law or turns a blind eye to crime, they will not only be fired, they will go to jail.

Barnes calls Gordon into his office and makes him second in command.

Galavan is watching TV about the mayoral candidates. The newscaster mentions that he is a candidate due to popular demand.

Tabitha comes in with Penguin. Barbara shows up and Penguin realizes it was Galavan who broke the Maniax out of Arkham.

Galavan shares his plan with Penguin and shows him the city he wants to build. He wants Penguin to destroy what needs to be destroyed so he can build. 

Galavan wants Penguin to kill the other two mayoral candidates and make an attempt on his life to make it look real. That way if Galavan is mayor, he can get done what needs to get done. Penguin says no, but Galavan has kidnapped Penguin's mother and blackmails Penguin.

Barnes calls Gordon at Lee's place. Tell's Gordon that everyone knows he's sleeping with Lee. Gordon needs to meet him at the academy.

At the academy, Barnes talks about new blood to replace the bad blood. They interview various recruits for their team and settle on four.

Outside City Hall, Galavan gets a medal of valor and bravery. As he announces his run for mayor, some drives by and starts shooting. He and everyone else is spared. The press conference continues.

Penguin shows up at mayoral candidate Caulfield's office. He tells her he's going to kill her. She begs for her life. He kills her anyway with a small knife.

Bruce is at school. Alfred is waiting with the car. Selina is also waiting on the wall of the school. When she jumps down, Alfred slaps her and tells her that Bruce doesn't want her around. He is angry about Reggie. She leaves.

Bruce shows up, but didn't see Cat. Alfred tells him he made plans for dinner with Galavan. Alfred wants Bruce to run home from school as part of his training.

Nygma is practicing with a skeleton on how to ask out Kringle. Alter ego shows up and tells him she owes him for saving her life. He should take what he wants. He goes into the hallway and confidently asks her out.

Barnes calls his four new recruits "Strike Force". No one gets a free pass.

Jim and Bullock get called to investigate Caulfield's murder. A worker identifies Penguin as the assailant.

Galavan and Bruce meet for dinner. Bruce's attention is diverted to a girl playing in a fountain outside. It's Silver St. Cloud, Galavan's niece. They go outside and they are introduced. St. Cloud will be going to Bruce's school.

Nygma is making dinner at his house. Kringle shows up.

Butch and Penguin are in a limo outside mayoral candidate Hobbs' house, but it's Zsasz that shows up to do the dirty work. He walks in without a problem and after a little dance starts shooting at the goons. The shooting moves outside. Gordon and the Strike Force show up. More intense gunfire ensues, but when Jim sees it's Zsasz, he hesitates. Despite all the guns, it's Zsasz that winds this round.

Back at Nygma's place, he and Kringle are enjoying dinner until she brings up her old boyfriend. Nygma makes a mistake by saying he's glad Doherty is dead. Kringle leaves the table. Alter ego shows up and admonishes him. When Nygma yells at him to go away, Kringle thinks he's talking to her, but they make up and start kissing.

Penguin is having an Alka Seltzer in his wine. Butch doesn't understand what's going on and why they are doing all these crazy things. Penguin tells him about Galavan and his  mother. Butch says he'll try to find her.

Jim shows up to warn him about Barnes. Penguin reminds him about killing Barker.

Back at the GCPD, Barnes announces his first Strike Force mission: take down penguin.

Bruce is at school flirting with Silver St. Cloud. Cat is on the street, remembering what Alfred said to her about Bruce.

Galavan is trying to decide what colors to use for his campaign. Butch lets Penguin know he couldn't find his mother.

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Gotham Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

You're not ashamed. You have no shame. You're not police. You're low life criminals.


We need to restore confidence in our brand, if you will.