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Bruce and Alfred discover a keypad-locked door at the end of the stairway. 

A montage shows what our favorite characters have been up to since we saw them last: Gordon is getting dressed for traffic duty, Bullock is bartending, the Penguin is holding court, and Barbara is checking into Arkham.

A warrior-dressed fanboy wannabe is given a flask of blue liquid and ordered to drink it by a blurry someone. After he's done, he shows up at the intersection where Gordon is working and causes havoc. Gordon gets the situation under control, but when his backup officer arrives late, he shows his frustration by shoving him.

Zaardon, the warrior-dressed fanboy, is taken to the station and booked. He warns Gordon that dark days are ahead and Jim thanks him for the heads up. Gordon goes to the bathroom and runs into Edward Nygma. After Gordon is called over the PA to the Captain's office, Nygma's more devious side comes to life in the mirror. They engage in an interesting conversation that includes Kristin Kringle.

In the Captain's office, Loeb just found his answer to getting rid of Gordon: pushing another officer  which is cause for immediate dismissal. Captain Essen tries to fight it, but Loeb isn't budging. Back in Zaardon's cell, the snoring Soul Collector emits a small cloud of blue gas from his open mouth.

Leslie wants to leave Gotham, but Jim isn't listening. He visits Penguin who agrees to help Gordon, on one condition: that he collects a debt from Ogden Barker. Gordon refuses.

At Arkham, Jerome visits with Barbara and introduces her to his friend Richard Sionis, AKA The Mask.

Gordon visits Bullock and asks his advice, but Bullock is no help. He then visits Bruce to apologize for not being able to find his parent's killers, but Bruce gives him a different insight that inevitably changes Gordon's mind. He decides to visit Barker, but things don't go smoothly and Barker ends up dead.

Back at Wayne Manor, Bruce decides to build a bomb to blow up the door. 

After Richard is able to get Barbara a phone, she calls Jim to plead her case. He hangs up on her so she calls Leslie and threatens her.

Penguin and his right hand man, Zsasz, visit Loeb to demand reinstatement of Gordon.  Loeb initally refuses, but Penguin is persuasive. Loeb ends up retiring. Theo Galavan, the new guy in town, says a few nice words about Gotham and Loeb. Essen takes over and Jim gets his job back.

Zaardon loses his mind in the cell with Barbara and the gang, then passes out with a serious case of blue gas emitting from his mouth. It knocks everyone out. When they come to, they find themselves tied up at Galavan's place. He wants them to work together to wreak havoc on Gotham. Richard has other ideas and wants to leave, but he is killed by Galavan's sister, Tabitha.

After succeeding in blowing up the door, Bruce finds a letter his father left for him.

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Gotham Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

From the first day on the job, you've been an insubordinate troublemaker.

Commissioner Loeb

The master will unleash hell upon you. Dark days are coming.