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Jim and Bullock arrive at Ace Chemicals where Victor Fries is stocking up on supplies. There are a bunch of frozen cops and a missing janitor.

Lee is visiting with Bruce at Alfred's request. He tells her the Galavan incident was exhilarating. He tells her there are two sides to Bruce Wayne.

Barnes is very upset that Fries got away and left a message for the cops to free his wife. Nora needs to be taken to a hospital or she will die. Instead, Barnes decides to send her to the more secure Arkham, where they can more easily capture Fries when he comes to get her.

Lee is not happy they are using Nora as bait. She tells Jim she is going with Nora as her doctor.

At Indian Hill, Strange has just dissected one of Fries' victims trying to extract some of the regeneration formula without success. Ms. Peabody tells him about Nora coming to Arkham and the police's plan. He's thrilled.

Fries hears about Nora's transfer on the radio. He's not happy. Throws a capsule into the river that freezes it. 

Penguin is being chained to a chair. He's fitted with a special hat and zapped.

Penguin wakes up and plays duck, duck, goose with inmates. He is looney. 

Jim and Lee arrive with Nora. He sees Penguin's brief transformation and seems disturbed.

Peabody takes Lee and Nora to the infirmary wing. An unconscious Barbara is there. Lee is not happy.

Jim works on securing the perimeter of Arkham when Penguin comes out with two orderlies. He calls out to Jim, who listens to him, but callshim insane when Penguin claims he is being tortured. In anger, Penguin screams that Jim shot Galavan. Jim looks around to see if anyone heard. The only one was Strange who was watching on hidden camera.

Bruce is beating up a punching bag at Wayne Manor. Alfred gives him a file on Matches Malone with the promise from Bruce that once they catch the guy, Alfred gets to kill him.

At Arkham, Lee calls Barbara a bitch. Nora awakens and they talk.

The hands frozen to the wheel Janitor breaks through the perimeter at Arkham, but Fries is already inside. He looks like an astronaut.

Jim, Bullock and the Strike Force take off after Fries. Strange is watching via cameras. He throws up some roadblocks for the cops, but Jim gets around and gets to the infirmary. Strange helps Fries' and once he gets him into the zapping room, tells him he will help him escape if he leaves a canister of his formula. Fries does and Strange keeps his word.

Fries breaks Nora out and takes Lee with. They go back to his house. Nora changes the cartridge to one that isn't successful so that when Victor freezes her, she dies. He freezes himself.

Selina visits Bruce and he tells her about Malone. He asks her to get him a gun. She tells him it's a bad idea.

Penguin is back in the zapper chair. Strange goes to visit his newest member: Mr. Freeze who didn't die. His constant handling of the formulas helped make him immune to death by freezing.  Mr. Freeze has white hair, glacier blue eyes. Strange tells him he made a suit for him and wants him to help with some projects around the lab.

Strange leaves and goes to a room where Galavan, what looks like Jerome, and possibly the Dumas boy are being kept.

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