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Penguin is getting a zap helmet treatment at Arkham. He imagines that he is tied up and talking to his mother when his more evil self comes up and kills his mother with a bat.

Strange and Peabody are happy with Penguin's progress and try out the "ice cream" test on Penguin. When he walks into the common room with ice cream, and a guy gets all upset, Penguin is calm and doesn't react.

Bruce meets up with Selina in an alley and she gives him a gun.

Lee asks Gordon to look into the possible disappearance of Kristin Kringle.

Alfred tells Bruce where they can find a lead on Matches Malone. He tells Bruce to keep his mouth shut and follow his lead. The two go into the bad area of town to talk to a guy named, Cupcake. Cupcake has a beef with Matches. Bruce takes over, but Cupcake won't talk unless Alfred fights him. He does and during the fight yells out fighting tips to Bruce. Alfred is beat up pretty bad, but he wins, and they find out where to go next to get information on where Matches is. Alfred ends up in the hospital.

Professor Strange is giving Penguin a word association test. He passes, and tells Strange he is remorseful for all the wrong things he's done. Strange tells him he only needs a few more sessions of therapy and he'll be cured. Penguin isn't too thrilled, but he wants to be normal.

Gordon visits Nygma to ask about Kristin. Nygma tells him he doesn't know anything.  He's paranoid that Jim is on to him.

Bruce goes into the Celestial Gardens, a punk club, that Cupcake said to go to. Inside they're lots of people in costumes. Geri is on stage and throws herself into the crowd who then passes her along to where Bruce is. She takes Bruce to her dressing room and asks him what he wants and why. He tells her.  He "threatens" her with the gun, but he's lackadaisical about it. She puts it against her head, but he doesn't do anything. He starts to leave, then she tells him where to find Matches.

As he's leaving the club, Gordon comes in. Bruce has nowhere to go, but Geri puts a spotlight on Jim and the band starts playing, causing people to dance and jostle Jim enough for Bruce to escape.

Gordon arrests Geri. He interrogates her ala The Dark Knight. She tells him where to Bruce.

Bruce is at Matches' place. He questions him, tells him who he is. Matches doesn't care. He wants Bruce to kill him, but Bruce doesn't. He leaves instead. As he leaves, Jim shows up. Matches kills himself.

Penguin goes into the zap room, but the big guy from earlier is there tied up. On a table is some weapons. penguin uses the knife to break the big guy free. Strange is pleased at Penguin's progress and is released from Arkham. Peabody isn't too sure about the idea, but Strange assures her that he's an experiment. He isn't going to tell the police he's being released either. He won't tell Peabody what else he's done to Penguin. She's glad he hasn't. Penguin is freed.

Nygma asks Gordon if there are any updates on Kristin. Jim says no, but Nygma thinks it's all a trap and makes plans in his head.

Bruce leaves a letter for Alfred telling him he is going to live in the streets with Selina to better understand the criminal element in hopes that he'll learn how to fight them.

Nygma puts a question mark around a picture of Gordon from the newspaper and tears the picture out.


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