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In a lab, a man is working with Tetch's blood. He leave. he's having a drink at teh bar. A man comes in to talk to him. It's Mario. He starts talking about his marriage. It's really weird. The guy is a hemotologist. Mario starts talking about Alice's blood. He want to know if he came up with a cure. Mario talks about Jim and not letting him have her. Her kills the guy.

Another Whisper guy tells Bruce and Alfred Folk is dead. Bruce wants to get involved to stop the Court of Owls. 

Jim is at the scene of the dead hemotologist. Bullock wants him to take the day off. Jim figures out the guy's head was squished. Bullock doesn't believe it.

Barbara visits Nygma. She accuses Penguin of killing Isabella. She tells him that Penguin is in love with him. OMG. Barbara is so awesome in this scene. Nygma doesn't believe Barbara on either counts, but she plants the seeds for him to at least investigate it.

Selina, Bruce and friends are checking out the place where the unknown object is locked up. Bruce tells Selina he's going to break in the place today.

Jim shows up at the lab facility. The security guard tells Jim the key card was used and hasn't been logged out. He walks into a murder. Mario is there and starts throwing him around. He knocks him out. Wow. The guy is truly a dick. Mario wants to, but doesn't kill him. He's so obsessed with Jim and Lee. He wants Lee to hate Jim before he kills him.

Jim goes to Arkham to visit Jervis after Mario wrote Arkham on his hand. he wants to know about how he infected people. It's interesting that jervis is wearing the Mad Hatter hat. Haha. Jim threatens Jervis. He wants to know the name of who else is infected. Jervis wants to see Jim infected. Jervis is still playing games. Jim figures out that it's Mario after playing a little word game with Jervis.

Back at Wayne Manor, Bruce is trying to walk a tightrope. Selina is concerned about the job. She talks with Alfred, but she leaves anyway.

Jim has Mario arrested. Bullock is shocked and argues with Jim about Mario being infected. Mario is changed. He's acting strange. Jim doesn't believe Mario and thinks he did something at the lab to learn how to beat the test. He tells Mario that he's going to find out and prevent him from marrying Lee.

Bruce and Alfred get ready to take on the Court and do what's necessary. Meanwhile Talon has members of the Whisper Gang and kills them all.

Nygma is working with Penguin. He gives Penguin his resignation. Penguin gets all nuts about it. Nygma tells Penguin he wants to be more than friends with Penguin. Penguin admits to feeling the same way.  But it was a ruse. Nygma was going to propose they become business partners and is shocked at Penguin's revelations. He leaves.

Jim goes to Lee's place. Mario is there, and he's being a big time dick. He and Jim goes at it. There's a flashback of Tetch infecting Mario. Jim tells Mario his dark side is jealousy.  Mario is afraid that Lee still loves Jim, but Mario has no intention of finding out.  Victor Zsasz shows up, gun in hand. he's holding Jim hostage. After a little while, he lets Jim go, but he takes his bullets out. Jim punches Victor.

Penguin is presenting an award. Nygma pulls out a knife and stabs Penguin in the neck, but it's only a fantasy sequence. Penguin tries to talk to Nygma. he wants to forget what he said. Nygma ignores Penguin.

Jim runs into the church looking for Lee. He tells Lee she can't marry Mario. Lee doesn't believe Jim. She thinks Tetch planted something in Jim's head. She's upset with him. Jim tells Lee he loves her. Explains everything to her. Going to see her. All of it.  She tells Jim that her and Mario are leaving Gotham after the wedding. Lee is upset that Jim told her all about it on her wedding day. She asks Carmine to get Jim out and sends his goons in. Carmine walks Lee down the aisle.

The goons walk Jim out of the church. Then Jim knocks the goons out. At least he tries. Jim and Mario start to exchange vows while the goons beat up Jim. Jim and Lee get married. Jim beats up the goons. Lee and Mario kiss. They are now married. Jim gets knocked out by another goon. I can't believe she went through with it.

Bruce and Alfred are casing the place where the object is. Selina shows up. She tells them she can walk across the rope to get to where the object is. Bruce is looking very Batman-y. A guy in a hat is watching them.

Lucius is tells Bullock how Mario passed the blood test. Bullock sends guys after Mario and Lee. Bullock calls Jim.

Alfred drives up to the building and tricks the guards. Selina and Bruce get in to the building. They find the room where the object is. Batman uses a Batman thingy to get the rope across. Selina kisses him and starts walking across. Alfred is in the building. Why is Selina wearing a backback? She's doing a pretty good job walking across, but will Bruce be able to hold on? Selina opens the safe. It's an owl statue. 

Talon shows up. Knocks Jim out. There's a chase. Allfred and Talon fight. Bruce wants to watch instead of running and gets involved in the fight. Oh boy. It doesn't look good. The hat guy is trying to break in. Alfred beats up and kills TAlon. The hat guy is actually a woman. Selina's mom. Like seriously. WTF.

The GCPD is searching Mario's house. 

Nygma shows up at The Sirens. Butch and Tabitha are not happy to see him. He tells Barbara doesn't want to kill Penguin. He wants to destroy him. he is pissed. Barbara tells them about Penguin. In exchange, Barbara wants to be in charge of Gotham. She wants Nygma to team up with her to rule Gotham. He agrees.

Holy Hell.

Mario and Lee are at a cabin. Lee is on the pier. he goes to her. He wants to know if she still has feelings for him. She tells him there's a small part that will always care for him. He's going to kill her. Jim busts into Falcone's place and tells him everything. He wants to know where Mario and Lee are at. Falcone knows stuff and knows that Mario has the virus. He's going to send his goons after Mario. He won't tell Jim, because he knows Mario will kill Lee. Jim shoots the goons and promises Falcone that he'll bring Mario in alive. 

Mario is losing it. He's going to kill Lee. Jim sees him with the knife and shoots him. The knife falls of the pier. Lee is confused. Falcone is going to be pissed. Jim is in a whole heap of trouble.


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Gotham Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Poor, blind baby. It's always hardest to see what's right under our noses.


She almost married someone else. I think her ex thought she'd come running back. Not gonna happen.