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Barnes is walking home when he sees a suspicious guy. He follows the guy to a warehouse where he was going to dispose of a body. He's "just the cleaner."  Barnes can't control himself and goes all crazy on the guy,

Lee and Mario talking about the evening's engagement party. She tells Mario that Jim is back at the GCPD. Mario seems to be taking it okay. Why is he letting JIm have so much power over him?

Jim returns to the GCPD. Bullock grabs him right away to go to a crime scene.

Nygma make breakfast for Isabella. She's going to a librarian's conference. She puts on glasses that were just like Ms. Kringle's and Nygma basically freaks out. He goes to the bathroom to clear his head when Ms. Kringle shows up in his mirror vision. She tells him he's going to end up killing Isabella, just like she killed her.

Bullock and Jim are at the crime scene to investigate the two bodies. One was torn apart (Penny) and the other was in the vat of acid. Barnes tore apart Penny.

Barnes is at Arkham talking to Tetch about the virus. Barnes says he has a rage when he sees all the guilty people free on the streets. Tetch says there is no cure unless the person's conscience can overcome the virus. But, once the voices start, there really is no hope. He's got to beat it by pure will.

Jim and Lee talk personal then talk about the case.

Barnes is looking at the crime scene pictures while Bullock is talking, but he's barely listening. Jim shows up and tells Barnes about the John Doe. Bullock says he's running point.  Barnes gets all high and mighty again, but apologizes to Jim for biting his head off.

Alvarez brings in information about The Toad. The guy, Penny talked about. Barnes leaves.

Nygma is talking to Penguin about Isabella and his worries about hurting her. Penguin suggests breaking up with Isabella. Ed agrees, but asks Penguin to do it for her because he can't.

Barnes goes into a bar looking for The Toad. He goes a little nuts once he finds The Toad. He finds out about Dr. Simon, a plastic surgeon who gives people new faces if they need it. Barnes almost loses it all the way, until Toad says, you're a cop, then he calms down. Barnes tells him to take him to him.

Penguin shows up at Isabella's house to break up with her for Ed. Isabella is upset, but then tells him she's not going to let him go. She knows why he wants to break up with her. She also realizes that Penguin is in love with him too. Isabella is insistent she's not going to let Ed go even though Penguin threatens her.

Barnes has Toad in his trunk. He goes into Dr. Simon's place. He's starting to slice open the girl's face when Barnes walks in. He surrenders easily, but Barnes starts losing it again. This time he hears voice who are whispering "guilty." He beats up Simon.

Lucius gives Bullock and Gordon information about how Penny died. Jim wants to know why Lee didn't give information. Lucius says she left for her engagement party. Barnes brings in Simon and gives him to Bullock to book.

Barnes goes back to his office. He told Jim he'll bring in the guy who killed Pennies. So, is he going to turn himself in?

At the engagment party, Mario is giving a toast to his dad and Lee. Barbara shows up. She was a plus one for something. Lee wants her to leave. Barbara sort of just taunts her. Barnes shows up for a drink.

Jim and Lucius are talking about the case, when Bullock comes in and tells them that Simon was released.

Falcone approaches Barnes to introduce himself. Barnes gets on his high and mighty box and insults Falcone, telling him he should be behind bars.Falcone calls him out for being so high and mighty.

Barnes calls Alvarez to tell Gordon he's going to be bringing in the guy who killed Pennies. When he turns around he sees Simon at the party, released.

Nygma shows up at Isabella's apartment. She's in the bathroom while he tells her they should be broken up. Isabella dressed up as Isabella to force him to face his fears that he really won't hurt her. Strange that the room is engulfed in a green tinge. She takes his hand and puts it around her neck. It's a breakthrough.

Jim, Bullock and the GCPD show up at the engagement party to arrest Simon. Mario shows up, confronts Jim. Harvey leaves to get Simon. Mario asks Lee to leave so he can speak to Jim alone. They go into another room. Mario confronts Jim about saving Lee's life. Jim tells him to lose the jealousy. Mario punches him. Jim walks away.

Barnes finds Simon in the bathroom. He goes off on Barnes. Barnes starts justifying to himself what he's doing. He's taking the plunge to the dark side and throws the guy out of the building. He's so strong. The guy falls onto a car.

Penguin is enjoying a drink by the fireplace when Ed comes in and finds out that they never broke up at all. Penguin gives him a hug. Ed goes to bed. Penguin's henchman comes in. He cut Isabella's brake lines. She's driving when there's a train and she cant stop. It's unclear if she actually dies as we only hear the crash.

Bullock tells Jim he didn't find Simon. Jim says he's going to the guy's house. Barnes comes down the stairs. He tells Jim they are going to clean up Gotham. Barnes also tells him he's not bringing Pennies' murderer in. Barnes looks at the engagement crowd and sees faces of the guilty, which is basically everyone. He's excited at the prospect.

Jim finds Simon on a car. Simon tells him Barnes did this to him.




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Gotham Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Something's gotten into me. When I see a scumbag like you, my blood starts boiling in my veins, and I just want to punish you. Make you suffer.


Jim, things are gonna change around here. You and I are gonna make a difference in this city. We're gonna clean it up.