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It's Mario's funeral. Lee is visibly upset. Jim is there watching the proceedings. Bullock is there to try to convince him to leave. Falcone turns around. He sees Jim and leaves.

Penguin is trying to get a hold of Nygma. He's at his office. He's accosted by the press. He's a success as a mayor. He's got a deputy chief of staff now called Tardwin or something like that.

Jim goes back to his place. Victor is there with a messaage that he knows Falcone is going to send a hit. He also tells him that he never liked Mario.

Selina is talking to her mother. She wants to know why it's taken 11 years to come see her. Her mother is telling Selina about her past. Selina wants to know who her father is. She dumped Selina when she was 5. Mary? was a street kid too. She apologizes then Selina kicks her out.

Penguin meets with Margaret Hearst, a TV reporter. She wants to get in his head. She wants to do it at the mayor's office, he wants to do it at home. She tells him that she's not a fan.

Penguin sees a ghost of his father.

Jim is at the coroners office telling them about Melanie who came back to life after being dead.

Lee comes in to the station and demands Bullock gets killed. It's very Jaw-like. She brings up Jim not killing Barnes, but killing Mario. She threatens him.

Penguin is sleeping and wakes up to a crash. He sees his dead dad walking. Dad tells Pengin he's not to be trusted butdisappears before he tells him who.

Cops show up at his door to tell him someone broke into the cemetery and dug up his father's reamins.

Jim and Bullock show up at the morgue asking questions about Melanie Blake. Jim is awfully jumpy. 

Bruce and Alfred are analyzing the owl they took from the Court'.  It glows when the sun hits it. Selina's mother shows up. Alfred is a little smitten with her. She's leaving a box for Selina. There are things in there from her time in Gotham.

Jim and Bullock are on a stakeout. Dwight, the morgue manager used to work at Indian Hill.

Falcone and Lee are talking about Mario's death. Lee tells him how much he hates Jim. Falcone doesn't want to kill Jim, but he's going to anyway.

Bruce brings the box to Selina. He tries to convince her to forgive he mother. She opens the box. It has things from her childhood. Then her mother shows up and they hug. How sweet

Jim and Bulock follow Dwight into a warehouse where people are standing around. Dwight gets up on stage. They play a tape of Jerome. They all seem to be Jeromites. Everyone laughs. Jim and Bullock announce their presence. They are attacked. They lose Dwight. As they search for him, Victor starts shooting at him. The hit has been ordered.

Jim runs into a restaurant. Zsasz follows. He's relentless, but Jim is just as relentless. They get into a major fistfight. He tries to kill Zsasz but the gun is out of bullets.

Penguin is at home completely flipped out. His dad shows up again. He tells Penguin not to trust the "birthday boy" though he just said Isabella is on the other side with them. Penguin doesn't' know who he's talking about.

Lee is questioning Barnes about the virus. Barnes doesn't want to be cured. Barnes is obviously still crazy.

Alfred made a meal for everyone. She flirts with Alfred a little bit. They keep taking things of Alfred's as a joke. They invite her to stay.

Penguin goes back to the mayor's office. He's a little cranky. He notices someone singing Happy Birthday and finally figures out it's Ed his dad was talking about.

He goes into his office and finds mud on the floor and his dead father. Turns out it wasn't Ed's office, but Tardwin's office. He claims he doesn't know anything about it. Penguin goes crazy and kills Tardwin. Well then.

The secretary comes in to tell him the interview lady is ready and he flips out.

Lee tells Carmine to call off Jim's hit. Carmine figures out Lee still loves Jim Gordon.

Penguin is losing it. He meets with the interview lady. Everyone is watching Penguin's interview. First question is how did he keep the streets safe.

Jim gets home and finds a new gun. Bullock shows up with a shotgun. Zsasz shows up and starts shooting. Lucky for them they barely able to hid.  Zsasz has the gun on Bullock. Falcone shows up to tell Victor the job is canceled. He does without question.

Jim apologizes tells him if it was up to him he'd be dead.

Back to the interview. She starts talking about her stay at Arkham. Elijah van Dahl shows up at the interview. He has the bloody statue and Penguin compeltely loses it. The body is gone. Not surprising that Nygma is behind it all. He has someone with a mask doing the horrid deed.

Barbara and Tabitha shows up. Then he tells them how he got it done. Do we really need to be spoon fed the details We can figure it out for ourselves.

Selina's mom is at the train station. They contine to flirt. She kisses him on the cheek. Boy does he fall easily. Back at her apartment there's a guy in their office. Selina talks about Bruce Wayne. Selina's mom's name is Maria.

Cole threatens them.

Dwight meets with someone. He's like Frankenstein trying to revive the dead with currents. He wants to get him. He has people from Indian Hill including Jerome.


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