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Bruce gets out of his trance after he kills Alfred. He cries over the body. Ra's al Ghul laughs and Bruce is back to his old self. Ra's tells Bruce to use the waters. Bruce pours the water on Alfred's wound and Alfred lives again!

Lee calls Jim. She tells him she's leaving Gotham and wants him to come with her. She tells him to meet her at the train. he says he'll be there. 

Bullock updates Jim on Riddler and Barbara's demands to return Tetch. Jim wants to turn Penguin over to Nygma to get Tetch back. Jim tells Harvey he doesn't have a lot of time.

The gang is at the club when Jim calls with a proposition. Butch tells Tabitha they need to kill Barbara. Nygma has disappeared and he took Tetch with him. Barbara goes nuts.

Jim and Harvey take Penguin to Ed when Barbara and her gang shows up.

Nygma grabs the grenade off of Tetch's neck and a firefight ensue Penguin knocks Ed out and takes the squad car as Jim and Bullock come out with Tetch.

Bruce takes Alfred to the hospital.

Babs and the rest chase after Bullock, Tetch and Jim. Jervis tells him that the only way out of the situation is to give in to the virus. He fights it again. Jim kills Tetch and takes some of his blood to the GCPD. 

Ed wakes up inside a squad car with Penguin in control. Ed tries to get out of his handcuffs. Ed gets out of his handcuffs unbeknownst to Penguin. 

Butch and Tabitha agree to kill Barbara at the safehouse.

Jim has given into the virus. Bullock finds Jim and tells him that the antidote is ready. He takes the antidote for Lee. 

Selina visits Bruce at the hospital. They have an argument before Selina leaves.

Jim goes to Lee's place and finds her. He tries to give her the antidote but she stops him. She tries to talk him to give in to his darkness. They kiss. He drops the antidote and gives in.

Ed overtakes Nygma and points a gun at him. 

Bullock confronts Jim at the train station and Jim attacks him. He tries to talk him out of being controlled by the virus.He tells Jim to save Lee. He doesn't kill Harvey. Harvey gave him his badge back with two vials of the antidote. He gives it to Lee. She passes out. He takes her hand and takes the other vial.

Barbara confronts Butch. Butch defends Tabitha telling Barbara that Tabitha didn't have anything to do with him wanting to kill her. Tabitha shoots Butch in the head while he's insulting her.

Bruce is talking to Alfred begging him to come out of his coma.

Riddler takes Penguin back to the pier to kill him but there are no bullets in the gun. Ivy shows up as does Freeze and Firefly. Penguin left the hatpin in the backseat. He set Riddler up. Mr. Freeze freezes Ed.

Tabitha goes into the safehouse looking for Butch and Babs. She finds a box with Butch's hand in it. Babs comes in behind her with a gun. Babs doesn't want to kill her but all Tabitha wants to know is if Babs killed Butch. Epic Catfight ensues. Tabitha kills Barbara.

Alfred wakes up with Bruce at his side. Bruce apologizes. They talk about Bruce finding his own path.

Selina comes into the club and finds Tabitha. She's looking for Barbara. Tabitha tells her she's not coming back. Selina wants to move up. She wants more. Tabitha and Cat form an alliance. Tigress and Cat woman. Amazing. Cat woman takes Tabitha's whip. Pefect.

Penguin talks about a new club called The Iceburg Club.

Jim is at Lee's place. There's a letter on the table for him. She tells him she left. Butch is alive. his birth name is Sirus Gold aka Solomon Grundy.

Jim is back at the GCPD and tells Bullock that Lee is gone. They leave for a drink. 

Bruce dressed in early Batman stops a robbery. He's dressed all in black with a black ski mask on. He's become pre-Batman.

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Gotham Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

There he is, the real James Gordon. Nice to meet you at last.


Lee: Where's Babs?
Butch: What do you want with her?
Lee: None of your business, errand boy.
Butch: I'm sorry. What did you call me?
Lee: I'm sorry, you're not an errand boy. You're more of a shoe shine boy. They should give you a little stand in the front, a cute little hat. That's more your speed.