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Nygma holds a professor hostage and starts asking him riddles. The guy can't answer. He gets frustrated rather quickly. He keeps asking riddles but the professor still can't answer them. He tells the professor that he's killed other intellectuals. He blows up the floor.

Bruce's Doppelganger is telling Catherine the story of his parents' death. She calls Jim's uncle and tells him they are ready. After she hangs up she has Bruce D continue. Bruce D is like Bruce but you can tell he's not Bruce at all.

Nygma is taking drugs which is calling him to have hallucinations about Penguin being alive. Nygma is trying to find himself. 

Lucius is telling Bullock that there is a serial killer who is killing smart people. Bullock says he has no time for this. He wants to call Gordon, but he's meeting with his uncle. A guy in a grape suit has a message for Jim with a riddle. Lucius figures it out. Bullock has no idea.

The target ends up being a chess match. Nygma is there popping pills again and Penguin shows up again. Nygma has set up a bomb of sorts under the tables.

Penguin is eating popcorn. It's hilarious and ridiculous. It's taking camp to a new level.

Bullock and Lucius arrive to evacuate the building. Nygma realizes that Lucius is his nemesis. He sets off the electric bombs. 

Jim is with his uncle Frank in a cabin somewhere. He tells Jim he wants to make things right.

Alfred is teaching Bruce how to throw knives. Bruce can't concentrate because he's thinking about Selina. This is what Alfred tells him. Bruce shows him a note from Selina asking him to meet her.

Lucius is analyzing the chess game and finds a clue under the chess pieces. Nygma wants to play games with him. If he doesn't solve his clues someone will die.

Jim is hunting with his Uncle Frank. Frank starts telling Jim about the Court of Owls. He tells Jim that both he and Jim's father were members. They want him to become a member too.

Bullock and Lucius are questioning a witness. Lucius figures out the clue.

Alfred is making a pie and tells him a story about a woman. He wants Bruce to go see Selina. He is.

Bullock is on his way to the academy graduation. His badge is missing.

Nygma is having another Penguin hallucination. The newspapers is calling him the "Chess Killer" which Penguin finds hilarious. Then Penguin breaks into a song and dance number. It is so ridiculous. Nygma tries to slap himself out of the hallucination and finally does.

Lee tells Lucius about a dead man found in the subway. They find Bullock's badge inside the body.

Bullock is practicing his speech when Nygma shows up. Bullock is not happy. Nygma tells him he's going to talk to the graduates. Bullock says there's no way when Bullock's phone rings but before Bullock can answer it Nygma takes him down.

Bruce goes to where Selina said she'd meet him. Bruce asks Sonny if he knows if Sonny knows where she is. Selina tells him that she never asked him to meet her.

Selina leaves and Bruce gets beat up but then he gets up and starts kicking ass. Go, Bruce!

Nygma talks to the cadets. He asks a riddle but no one answers, then he throws a smoke bomb filled with a deadly toxin.

Lucius and the cops show up. There's a message waiting for him from a strawberry. Nygma calls and tells him he has a game to play. He has to answer three questions or Bullock dies. Bullock is tied up in a stairwell and will fall over the ledge if all the ropes are cut.

Lucius gets the first riddle wrong. Nygma cuts one of the ropes. He gets the second answer wrong and another rope is cut. Nygma asks the third riddle and Lucius figures out that Nygma killed Penguin. He answers the question correctly but the rope breaks. However, Lucius catches Bullock before he goes down.

Bruce is going home when he runs into Doppelganger Bruce who knocks him out. How did he know what Bruce was going to wear? Bruce figures out that Bruce D sent the note.

Frank continues his story about the Court of Owls. He's against the Court but he pretends he's a loyal member. He tells Jim that his father was killed by the Court.

He wants Jim to help him destroy the Court from within.

Bruce D shows up at home. Alfred offers him shepherd's pie. it doesn't seem he knows the difference.

Nygma's hideout is infiltrated by the police. They find a picture of Penguin with a large question mark. Lucius goes to his car. Nygma is waiting inside. 

Lucius asks Nygma why he's playing games and killing people. He tells him that Penguin was the only one who understood him.

Lucius tries to convince him to turn himself in; that he needs help. Nygma is feeling great guilt over killing Oswald. Before he knocks him out Nygma tells him he's The Riddler.

The Riddler is at the docks and Penguin is there. He tells the hallucination that he cared for him then he dumps the drugs. Penguin mocks him before disappearing.

The Riddler puts on his signature hat and leaves the dock.

At Ivy's place, Penguin wakes up. She tells him she pulled him out of the river and nursed him back to health. Penguin tells her he's got someone to kill.

Jim comes into the cabin looking for Uncle Frank but he's gone. He finds a picture of him, his dad, and his uncle.

Catherine and Frank are having tea talking about Jim. She tells him they have Bruce and the clone is in place. Bruce is locked in a cell in the middle of the artic.




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