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Jervis Tetch is working his act at the Sirens club. He hypnotizes a guy and adds a little something extra into the hypnotism. Barbara asks if he really can hypnotize people to make them do what he wants. Tetch tells Barbara it's all what the person wishes for deep down.

Fake Bruce is gobbling up soup that Alfred made for him. Alfred wants him out, but Bruce wants to wait to find out information. Fake Bruce can't really tell them much, or is choosing not to, other than he was called "5" by strange.

At Jim's place, Valerie puts on clothes. Jim makes an attempt to create something, but Vale isn't interested. As far as she's concerned, this was a one night stand.

Lee is in Barnes' office offering her her old job back. Harvey sees her just as Jim walks into the GCPD. He tries to get Jim out, but he's too late. Lee calls him and tells him she's engaged. Jim is not happy.

The phone rings at the hypnotized guy's house and Jervis commands him to open the front door. The wife realizes hubby's not in bed and gets up. She finds Jervis who commands her husband to kill her then kill himself.

Alice's landlord is looking for rent, but she doesn't have it, so he suggests they "work something out." He kisses her and it causes some strange reaction.

Mayor James is holding a press conference to declare he is looking to resume his duties as Mayor without an election. Penguin shows up and announces his candidacy for Mayor.

Bruce and Alfred are boxing when "5" comes in. Bruce wants Alfred to box with 5. Alfred doesn't want to, but suits the kid up anyway. Turns out that "5" has some moves. When Alfred punches him and bloodies his nose, he doesn't feel a thing. Bruce notices a strange scar on 5's neck.

Jervis shows up at Gordon's place. He hires Jim to find his sister Alice for double the price of the bounty through the GCPD.

Butch isn't too keen on Penguin's mayoral aspirations, but is amazed when Penguin shows him his campaign office.

5 is looking at Bruce's pictures as Bruce looks for information on 5's scars. Selina shows up and Bruce hides 5, but 5 is watching through the door. Selina tells Bruce about Ivy and wants Bruce to help her look for Ivy, but Bruce claims he's busy. She leaves in a huff.

Jim finds Selina and asks about Alice. Selina tells him where she used to work. At the burned up bar, Jim is looking around when the bar owners comes in and tells Him the story of how Alice burned down the bar. Jim tries to leave, but the owner isn't keen to let him go. A fight ensues. Jim gets bopped on the head with a bat, before overtaking the other guys.

Jim is at the hospital waiting to get looked at when a doctor shows up. It's Lee's fiance Mario who introduces himself to Gordon. Jim tries to be calm, but after he's done he tells Mario that if he hurts Lee he will hunt him down and kill him.

Penguin meets with James at an Italian restaurant. When Penguin threatens James, goons come out of the woodwork. Penguin is impressed, but snaps his fingers and the all the rest of the restaurant's patrons get up with guns, pretty much overtaking the three goons.

Jim finds Alice's apartment and goes in. Alice isn't there, but he finds the landlord who is locked up in the closet. Jim lets him out and is attacked when Alice shows up and shoots the landlord dead.  Jim tells her her brother is looking for her. She doesn't want to be found by him. 

As Bruce sleeps, 5 cuts his hair. In the morning, Alfred and Bruce find all the hair. 5 took some of Bruce's clothes and a car. Both are concerned.

Penguin is at Arkham negotiating Nygma's release with the warden.

Tetch is at the Sirens again, this time hypnotizing Barbara. It doesn't turn out well, when Tetch rejects Barbara after commanding her to fall in love with him. Tabitha saves the day though. Jim shows up looking for Tetch. They go to the roof and he tells Jervis that his sister doesn't want to be found.

Tetch hypnotizes Jim and makes him stand on the ledge. Just as Jim is about to jump, Alice shows up and shoots her brother. The gunshot scares Jim out of his hypnotic state. He falls, but Alice pulls him up. He slaps handcuffs on her.

Nygma is released from Arkham. Penguin shows up to pick him up. Nygma is thrilled.

Mario and Lee are having dinner when Falcone shows up. Turns out Mario is Falcone's son. Falcone is worried that Lee still has feelings/ties to Jim.

5 pulls up where Selina is hanging out. He offers to take her somewhere to eat. She notices something different about him, but she goes in the car anyway.

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Gotham Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

In a hypnotic state, unburdened by doubt and fear, we can accomplish the impossible.

Jervis Tetch

Are you ready to do something impossible?

Jervis Tetch