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Lee and Jim talk at teh GCPD. H wants to know if she talked to Barnes. She's still dressed up from the party. Jim shares his feelings about Barnes with Bullock.Bullock doesn't agree with him. Jim is still insistent and brings up points like Barnes beating up Tetch, wanting to take point on Polly case, etc. Bullock agrees to help him, but only to prove Jim's theory wrong.

Barnes is in a warehouse off the docks. He's got three guys tied up by the neck.He's repeating what Tetch told him about the voices. He goes to each guy one by one and knocks over the chair they are standing on, causing them to be executed by hanging. He watches his handiwork with pride.

Ivy is with a guy talking antiques. They  head to the bedroom. She wants to get to the vault. She created a substance out of plants to hypnotize the guy. When he opens the vault, she breaks a vase over his head. She finds a big emerald necklace and takes it. When she leaves the room, she finds the guy is gone, runs downstairs to get her bag and purse, but runs into the guy who grabs her. but she gets away.

At the Mayor's mansion, Ed is agitated. He hasn't heard from Isabella. Penguin tries to calm him. Ed gets a call to go down to the GCPD. Ed has to identify the body. It is indeed Isabella. Penguin is there watching Ed identify. He tries to comfort Ed. Ed turns to him and falls in his arms much to Penguin's delight.

Selina calls breakfast for the cats when Ivy shows up and introduces herself as Ivy.

bullock calls Jim with information about fingerprints. Jim goes into Barnes office looking through his files when Barnes walks in. He says he's looking for Polly Pennies file. Barnes pulls out the case for him. Barnes wants to know if Simon said anything to Jim, like IDing the killer. Barnes knows  Jim knows. Barnes blames it on the mob and gives Jim a name, but want to keep it quiet. Barnes want Jim to come with him to find Sugar, the mob enforcer. While Barnes is getting a gun from his trunk, Jim calls Bullock to tell him where he's going.

As they're driving, Barnes tells him he's disappointed that Jim didn't get statements from everyone at the party, including him, so Jim asks Barnes questions. Barnes denies everything. Of course. He's definitely acting very strange. They talk about justice and Barnes brings up Galavan. He passes where they were supposed to stop. Barnes tosses it off as an honest mistake citing another address they're going to go to.

Ivy is eating food out of a can. Bruce is there. He can't believe what he sees. Ivy talks about how she gets what she wants, Bruce tells her she does look nice and Selina gives him a look. It's a cute moment.

Selina wants to know what's going on. She thinks she's in trouble and tells them them the story about her necklace adventures. A couple of bow and arrow assassins come chasing after them.

Barnes and Jim raid Sugar's place. He doesn't know anything about Simon. Barnes says he believes Sugar, but he's not innocent and blows him away then turns the gun on Jim. Jim is in shock.

Ivy, Bruce, and Selina are running from the arrow assassins. Selina wants to know who they were. Bruce says she's got to return the necklace. Ivy says no. Bruce offers to buy the necklace from her so they can return it. He offers her five thousand for the necklace.

Penguin is getting his portrait done when he goes into another room where Ed is listening to very loud music. He's all down in the dumps. Penguin admonishes him, storms out, and returns to the portrait guy. Then he goes back to Ed to try to comfort him. Penguin is not too happy that Ed is moping around.

Barnes is making Jim drag the body. He tells Jim he knows he's been investigating him. He wants to know if Simon told Jim he killed him. Barnes admits to killing Simon. Jim figures out that Barnes is infected by Alice's blood. Barnes wants Jim to join him. Then Barnes calls him out on shooting Galavan and JIM ADMITS TO IT!!!! But, he also talks about how much he lost by killing Galavan.

Jim tells Barnes he won't join him and Barnes is about to shoot him when some guy comes in looking for Sugar. This gives Jim enough time to escape through a window. Barnes chases after him, but Jim gets away.

Ed is at the railroad tracks leaving flowers for Isabella. A blind, homeless guy tells him he head her screaming before the crash. He's suspicious.

Bruce, Selina and Ivy head to teh guy's place to return the necklace. They find the guy dead by arrow via the arrow assassins. Selina throws the necklace and it breaks. They find a key inside. Ivy figures out they are a couple. 

Bullock is at the GCPDwhere all hell is breaking loose. He finds out from Alvarez that Barnes called in saying that Jim went all crazy shooting innocent people. Oh boy.Jim calls Bullock, tells him what's going on. Barnes is right behind him, ,shooting at him. 

Bullock goes into talk to Lee and tells her about Barnes being infected. He wants Lee to tell the GCPD about Barnes being infected. Barnes is still chasing after Jim. He finally catches him. 

Ed is at the GCPD analyzing Isabella's car and finds that the brake lines were cut. He figures out that Penguin was behind it.

Jim and Barnes fight. Bullock shows up. Jim shoots Barnes. 

Bruce, Ivy, and Selina are at Bruce's place. The Assassins, meanwhile are at Selina's place and find a secret hideaway. Selina kept an article of Wayne murders in a box. One assassin gives it to another who is unmasked.

At the GCPD, Lee is waiting for Jim. She wants to know that he's okay. He thanks her for doing what she did to save him. Awww. They're going to kiss. They want to, but of course they don't. Who wants to bet they'll get back together?

Ed barges into the mansion. He tells Penguin he knows Isabella was murdered. He tells Penguin he knows who did it. Ed believes Butch did it. Penguin is relieved. Oh boy. Penguin is going to be in lots of trouble. He showed Ed the painting the artist did. He added Ed into the official portrait. Cute.

Bullock and Jim look at Barnes' office. 

At Arkham, Barnes is in a room all locked up and in a straight jacket screaming guilty. How disappointing. Wish he had more time to go all crazy in Gotham before Jim took him down.





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Gotham Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

The last thing I want is for Barnes to be guilty.


This guy, Barnes? If he so much as jaywalked, he'd write himself a ticket.