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Shaman is talking to the Court talking about Thomas and Martha Wayne. Bruce shows up. Shaman says he's come to pass judgment. Shaman is the leader of the Court. He leaves the punishment up to Bruce. Bruce doesn't do anything so Shaman orders the Talons to kill the Court members. Bruce hesitated and Shaman mentions it.

Jim and Bullock and Alfred show up and find all the council members dead except for one who tells them Bruce Wayne is alive.

Alfred doesn't believe that Bruce ordered the council killed and is upset. He takes off. An officer tells Jim that Lee is back in her apartment and Jim leaves.

Riddler tells Barbara, Tabitha and Butch that Penguin is alive. Tabitha and Barbara are fighting. Riddler tells them about the Court, but he doesn't have enough information. He tells them that Penguin is dangerous to all of them and has recruited an army of Penguin's monsters.

Jim gets to Lee's place. She's dressed like Morticia Adams in pants. She's wearing a lot of makeup. He figures out that she's injected herself with the virus because she blamed herself for Mario's death. It makes no sense why she did what she did. She picks up a fireplace poker. He sees her demon eyes.  She's got blue eye makeup now. She wants the darkness that's inside Jim. She also has super strength and throws him across the room.

Jim and Bullock look at a map of all the Court's hideouts but some are hidden. He tells Bullock about the Whisper Gang and they go looking for them.

Penguin is really pissed. He's throwing things because Firefly took off. He wants Selina to find her. She agrees. Someone starts banging at the door and Riddler and Butch show up. Selina takes off but Ivy stays with her. Penguin traps them and takes off.  Tabitha knocks out Selina.

Shaman wakes up Bruce who is resting his eyes. He wants to know what he was thinking about. Bruce says his parents. He says he feels failure at not giving the order to kill the council.

Strange shows up with a couple of Talons. Shaman wants to see the weapon. Talons bring it in. It's like a big globe...like the Death Star. Shaman wants Bruce to set off the bomb. 

Alfred and Bullock take off to find the Whisper Gang.

Lee puts Jim in her trunk.

Bullock and Alfred find Strange and the Talons. Talons run out with the bomb. Bullock holds a gun to Strange. Alfred follows and calls out for Bruce. Bruce tells Alfred he won't let him hurt Shaman. A Talon takes care of Alfred after Bruce goes off.

Strange is brought back to the station and put in jail. Alfred tells Bullock about Bruce's transformation. Lee shows up at the station. 

Jim is in a coffin of some kind with only a flashlight at his side. he's been buried alive on the grounds of the house where Jim killed Mario.

Lee tells Bullock her plan. She has a walkie talkie to talk to Jim in the coffin. She admits to burying Jim Gordon alive. She tells Jim she left him a way out which is to infect himself with the virus. 

They won't let Lee leaves and puts her in a cell. Bullock orders everyone to keep looking for the bomb. 

Selina tries to explain to Barbara that she's not working for Penguin. Riddler finds out why Penguin wanted Selina's help. She wants cash to get out of town and a promise that nothing will happen to Ivy. There is a riff building between Tabitha and Barbara.

Bullock sends Alfred to look for Bruce and the bomb while he goes to find Jim.

Alfred is trying to get information from Strange by holding him on the edge of a building. Strange tells Alfred that Bruce is "gone" that his mind is o longer his. Alfred argues with him about that. 

Shaman asks Bruce if he seems troubled. Bruce is afraid of failing. 

Harvey wants Jim to take the virus otherwise he'll die. Then they'll find the cure.  Alfred calls Bullock with information about the bomb. It goes off in 20 minutes.  Jim takes the virus and immediately gets himself out of the grave. He has the super strength and demon eyes. Oh, boy.

Penguin and Ivy are at her place in the greenhouse. Penguin is talking about the old days when loyalty meant something. Ivy tells Penguin Selina called that she found Bridgit and is going to bring her buy. Penguin figures out that it was a setup.

Riddler and friends arrive at Ivy's place, guns in hand. 

Bullock finds Jim's empty grave and the empty virus vial. Lee learns that Jim is infected with the virus. She gets the keys from an officer and leaves the cell.

Riddler wants Penguin to call him The Riddler before he kills Penguin. Penguin refuses. Before Riddler kills Penguin they hear a noise and guess who shows up. Fish with a couple of armed guys. Awesome! Penguin wants to know why Fish showed up. She tells him he'll see and takes him away.

Jim shows up at Union Station and throws some police around.

Shaman tells Bruce to press the button to the bomb. Alfred comes just in time to stop Bruce and tries to talk Bruce out of it. Bruce hesitates. Again.

Jim finds the bomb and takes on a Talon. 

Bruce still hasn't pressed the detonator so Shaman presses it for him. Alfred shoots him but not dead. Meanwhile Jim is in the room with the bomb when Lee shows up and knocks him out. Shaman tells Bruce to find the demon's head and fulfill his desitny then dies.Bruce goes after Alfred and police take him down.

Right before the bomb goes off, Lee tells Jim to find her when he gets the chance.





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Gotham Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Riddler: Eh, Butch. I knew that your hand was made of lead, not that your brain was as well.
Butch: Cute.
Riddler: Thank you.

What we saw today, them executing their own? They're zealots capable of anything.