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A couple of secruity guards are playing poker when Dwight and gang walk in. Laughter is infectious. They leave a Joker calling card. It's police evidence building. This must be a flashback as to how he got Jerome's body. 

The cops are investigating the break in. Jim, Lucius, and Bullock are there. Lucius tells them they can have Jerome up in three hours.

They find a Jerome follower hiding.

Cole is talking to Bruce and Alfred about Maria Kyle. He threatens to hurt Selina if he doesn't get money.

Lee tells Him the kid needs to go to the hospital. She's still not happy with him.

Jim questions the crazy kid who tells him that the Jerome gang is everywhere and they won't be able to stop the awakening.

In a warehouse, Dwight is working on Jerome, hooking him up to voltage. He flips the switch several times. 

Barbara is at Penguin's place reading him an article about him. He wants to find Nygma. Barbara is feeding him garbage. He wants to know why she's helping him and she feeds him more garbage. She tells him to meet her at her place at 1 p.m.

Bruce gives Maria a suitcase with 200 grand in it. Selina doesn't want them to do it.

Jim and Bullock find Joker gang signs all over the city. Lucius tells them where Dwight  might be. A cop overhears and calls it in to another disciple. Dwight finds out. The jump start didn't work.

Dwight cuts off Jerome's face. He puts on his face and pretends to be Jerome. The people are not happy. He tells them they are all Jerome. They refer to him as a prophet. They all start chanting that they are Jerome.

Jerome, meanwhile, is in the morgue with Lee.

Lucius tells Bullock there is a mole in the GCPD that warned Jerome's gang they were coming. Jim threatens the precinct he is going to find out who called, and the mole runs.

Penguin shows up at Sirens. Barbara is feeding him more garbage and tells him to kill Tommy Guns and The Duke because they disrespected him by not showing up. Penguin figures out that she's been lying, but then Tommy Bones calls and tells him they don't work for him anymore. Bones tells Penguin that if he doesn't step down, they'll kill Nygma.

Turns out that Tabitha was there threatening him. Then she kills him.

Bullock and Jim are interviewing the mole. Bullock goes nuts on the guy. Lee comes in with truth serum. She's breaking the rules and Jim is very concerned.

Dwight takes over a television station. When Lee gets back in the morgue she finds a dead cop. Jerome is alive, bandages on his face. He's really channeling his inner Heath Ledger. Why is she talking to him instead of screaming for help?

Maria goes into the hotel room and gives Cole the money. She scammed Maria, but Selina caught out. She calls her mom out. Poor Selina.

Dwight is getting ready to go on TV.

Barbara and Tabitha talk about their plan. They choose option B and Tabitha kills all the heads of the families to Ave Maria. WTF. They are being so incredibly cheesy tonight.

Jerome is watching Dwight on TV. He leaves in a police uniform. Lee is tied up. He hits a pedestrian and keeps driving.

Jim gets into the station during the broadcast.  There's a gunfight on live TV. Dwight tries to run away, but Jim catches him. 

Selina confronts Bruce if he knew Maria was lying about the money. He did. She's upset. She wants to fight him. He has the moves.

Lee calls Jim and tells him that Jerome is alive and coming after Dwight. Jerome kidnaps Dwight.

Jerome is stapling his face back on in front of Dwight.

Penguin is still looking for Nygma. The phone rings and its Nygma. He tells him to go to Kane chemicals. He tells Gabe to stay by phone.

Jerome is on air letting them all know he's back. He has Dwight tied up. He tells his followers to do what they want. Dwight dies and the power goes out in Gotham.



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Gotham Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Get up, take a shower, do that disco-vampire thing with your hair.

Barbara [to Penguin]

Jim: I know you had Falcone call off Zsasz. Thank you.
Lee: You want to thank me? When you find Dwight have him bring Mario back from the dead. How about that?