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The Court of Owls take a vote to unleash a weapon to cleanse Gotham so it can be rebuilt. There is a unanimous vote. Even Uncle Frank votes in favor of the plan.

A shaman visits Bruce in his cell to tell him they will "begin" soon.

Bullock and Jim talk about The Riddler. Apparently, he's disappeared. Jim is looking at a file of the guy who supposedly killed his father in a drunk driving crash. Jim learns that what Uncle Frank told him about the Court of Owls killing his father may be true.

Ivy takes Penguin into her greenhouse. He's not happy about being held captive. He tries to explain to her about his need to seeks revenge on Nygma.

She tells him to build an army and says she will help him. He sends her to find Gabe.

Frank meets Jim at his father's grave. Jim tells him what he's found. Frank tells him about the Court of Owls plan to destroy Gotham.

Jim leaves and runs into Lee at Mario's grave site. He goes up and talks to her.  Jim gets a call from Bullock that Falcone was involved in his father's death.

Gabe is hugging Penguin and tells him that Barbara is running Gotham. Penguin tells Gabe his plans. Ivy tells Penguin she doesn't trust Gabe. Ivy storms off after Penguin read her the riot act. 

Gabe knocks Penguin out. 

Bruce is in his cell when the door opens. He walks out and runs but keeps ending back in the same place. There is no way out. The shaman is waiting for him in his cell.

Jim confronts Falcone who provides answers about the Court of Owls involvement in his father's death. He learns that Frank Gordon ordered the hit on his father.

Jim confronts Frank, pointing a gun at his head. Frank admits he ordered the hit. He urges Jim to help him bring down the Court. Jim tries to arrest Frank but Frank overtakes him and takes his gun. He tells Jim about the weapon and leaves.

Gabe has tied up Penguin and tells him he's going to auction off the right to kill hi to the highest bidder. Ivy gets caught watching the goings on in the greenhouse. 

Jim tells Bullock about the Court of Owls. He won't let the GCPD get involved.

Barbara is holding court when she gets a call from Jim. 

Bruce is sitting with the Shaman who wants him to take a journey. He puts a needle against Bruce's forehead causing him to have a hallucination that he's back in Gotham as a child. The Shaman is with him as he watches his parents come down the alley where they were killed.

Bruce comes out of it before they are shot. He's very upset. The Shaman leaves telling Bruce he needs to rest.

Tabitha is torturing someone to find out what is coming into the dock. She's asking for Jim. The guy tells her about the crate and tells her they want to meet the Court. Someone comes in and starts fighting her men. It's a talon. Barbara and Tabitha take off before the Talon can get to them. Talon slices off the guy's head.

Gabe is taking pictures of Penguin and Ivy for the auction. Ivy has a plan. She won't tell Penguin what it is until he's nice to her. She calls one of the men over and sprays her scent on him. He is affected by it and kills all the men except Gabe. They gain the upper hand. Penguin points at Gabe.

Frank is being held by the Court of Owls and questioned about what Jim knows about his father's accident. He's ordered to kill Jim. Jim updates Bullock on what happened at the docks. Frank calls and tells Jim to come over. 

Penguin thinks Gabe can be trusted but has Ivy cast her spell on him to find out if he's really loyal. Turns out he's not and Penguin kills him after Gabe calls him a tiny freak. Penguin is back killing him violently with a tire iron.

Jim shows up at Frank's place. He doesn't know what the weapon is only that it's from Indian Hill.

Frank tells him he's supposed to kill Jim.  He tells Jim he needs to join the Court and then kills himself to open the door for a seat on the court. 

Bruce tries to attack the Shaman but he sends him on another trip to the alley. This time he gets to see his parents get shot. He tries to fight the Shaman in the alley but isn't successful. They return to the cell. 

The Shaman explains what they want Bruce to do, to become. They want him to become a protector and symbol against fear. If he does Gotham can become reborn.

Penguin buries Gabe in the greenhouse. Food for the plants. 

Ivy tells Penguin about the Indian Hill freaks and that he can build an army from them.

Jim gets a call from Kathryn. He wants to meet with her. There is a limo waiting.  






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Gotham Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Ivy: The fresh air will do you good.
Penguin: It smells like rotting death in here.

Judgment has passed. Gotham must fall.